HR & Education Commentaries

4 Dec 2017
BY Marcus Loh
Singapore’s new brand platform “Passion Made Possible” is an attempt at authenticity – taking on an approach that conveys a facet of the Singapore spirit that both Singaporeans and visitors admire.
10 Nov 2017
BY Lee Quane
Singapore’s job market is on the mend, with the economy expanding 4.6% in the third quarter from a year ago, according to advance estimates by the Ministry of Trade and Industry released in October.
20 Oct 2017
BY Mao Gen Foo
Employee stress is a rising issue in Singapore.
11 Oct 2017
BY Sam Choon-Yin
Earlier this year, the Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017 by Startup Genome, a US-based organisation, revealed that Singapore has overtaken tech mecca Silicon Valley as world's No.
27 Sep 2017
BY Wong Su-Yen
Singapore has long recognised the importance of developing its strongest natural resource: talent.
21 Aug 2017
BY Karen Cariss
There’s a revolution taking place in Singapore.
17 Jul 2017
BY Viva Sinniah
Singapore is competing in a dynamic global economy in which two assets—a skilled and versatile workforce—as well as the capacity for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, would provide a competitive edge.
12 Jul 2017
BY Peter Loh
In Singapore, career paths traditionally focus on the profession or occupation that would meet an individual’s career goals.
6 Jul 2017
BY Wendy Tan
We know we need to adapt quickly in a disruptive world.
13 Feb 2017
BY Foo Siew Chin
The release of the Ministry of Manpower's 'Labour Market Advance Release 2016' showed both slowing employment growth (an increase of 0.4%, down from 0.9% in 2015), and an increase in unemployment, creeping up to 2.2%.
6 Feb 2017
BY Andrew Calvert
Following an announcement in 2010 by the Economic Strategies Committee to reach a productivity growth target of 2-3% per year over the next decade, the Singapore government has since introduced a slew of initiatives to raise productivity.
31 Jan 2017
BY Lee Quane
Global mobility programmes are pivotal to the growth and success of organisations, but with increasing complexities and the increasing volume of information to manage, the decision-making process can get rather daunting.
23 Jan 2017
BY Dr Xia Zhi Qiang
In the face of a fast growing economy, we are presented with an interesting conundrum in the role which education has.
23 Jan 2017
BY Raghunath Subramanian
More than most developed nations, Singapore has reached a point where one of the biggest growth drivers will be through increased productivity.
23 Jan 2017
BY Ben Chew
As we embark on a New Year perhaps looking for a better job opportunity, or a more fulfilling dream career, here are some recruitment trend shifts you need to be aware of.
8 Jan 2017
BY Lynne Roeder
The Monetary Authority of Singapore's regulatory changes in 2016 and planned reforms throughout 2017 has seen many financial institutions launch a recruitment drive for regulatory reporting professionals and risk control experts.
23 Dec 2016
BY Eur. Ing. João Ponciano
What do you hope to see in the future of education?
23 Dec 2016
BY Minhaj Zia
While we have been 'collaborating' since the dawn of time, today's collaboration takes place in many ways and over many mediums, anywhere in the world.
22 Dec 2016
BY Ben Chew
Is contracting the new normal?
5 Dec 2016
BY Lynne Roeder
Employers in Singapore will place greater emphasis on the personality and soft skills of candidates to fill vacancies in 2017.
25 Nov 2016
BY Adrian Tan
As we have all come to accept, change is inevitable.
14 Nov 2016
BY JY Pook
LinkedIn recently published their annual list of the most sought-after skills employers are looking for in 2017.
7 Nov 2016
BY Andrew Chung
When Compass Offices surveyed 1,200 employees across Asia, the findings gave us amazing insight into what makes workers tick.
24 Oct 2016
BY Alex Frino
Are great leaders born or made?
24 Oct 2016
BY Amos Tay
Leadership in Singapore has recently gained a lot of attention, especially with the elder generation of leaders explicitly indicating that new leadership is imminent.
16 Oct 2016
BY Amos Tay
Forty years ago, people were rifling through research books in public libraries to search for answers to their questions.
12 Oct 2016
BY Marcus Loh
Singapore’s ability to navigate the challenges of disruption rests on becoming a Learning Nation, and ensuring industry-readiness and re-employability among millennials and mid-career professionals.
10 Oct 2016
BY Amos Tay
Our dynamic workforce requires its workers to upgrade their skill sets constantly.
4 Oct 2016
BY Lynne Roeder
Information technology professionals with sound communication and presentation skills will have an abundance of forthcoming opportunities in Singapore as multinational companies increasingly set up support sites in the country.
3 Oct 2016
BY Mark Stuart
As Singapore-based companies approach the end of the year, it's around this time that leadership teams start thinking very seriously about 2017.
3 Oct 2016
BY Jeremy Han
Productivity in Singapore has fallen again.
29 Sep 2016
BY Liyana Stuart
I've met hundreds of SMEs and business owners… I've seen some rise and I've seen some fall.
22 Sep 2016
BY Adrian Tan
In recent times, Airbnb redefined their HR function in terms of what it is and what it does with the appointment of a new Global Head of Employee Experience.
8 Sep 2016
BY Derrick Chang
In 2015, the Ministry of Manpower reported that four of the top ten professions with the biggest number of vacancies in Singapore were engineering-related.
30 Aug 2016
BY Tan Jian Xiang
Training is an inherently expensive endeavour, and current efforts to train workers to meet the demands of employers are no exception.
30 Aug 2016
BY Amos Tay
In today's uncertain economic times, many companies are re-looking into their priorities, one of which is to retrench staff as a way to save on overhead expenses.
24 Aug 2016
BY Derrick Chang
Singapore is often praised for its high standards of education, so it might be surprising to some that the nation state suffers from a huge knowledge-skills gap.
22 Aug 2016
BY Vivek Kumar
Recently I was invited to join the DHL Robotics Day 2016 with some outstanding fellow keynote speakers from ABB, DHL, and NTU.
12 Aug 2016
BY Lynne Roeder
As businesses progress towards a digital platform and data-gathering era, the role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) has become increasingly influential.
11 Aug 2016
BY Kirsty Luce
With the rapid advancement of smartphone technology and Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs) such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana, the ability to schedule meetings, check on stock prices, and organise email messages is at the fingertip of any smartphone-wielding executive.