Information Technology Commentaries

23 Jan 2018
BY Andrew Au
To emerge as the world’s first crypto-hub, Singapore needs to find the middle ground between ‘crypto is a fraud/Ponzi scheme’ and ‘crypto is the best thing since sliced bread.’ Two announcements from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) made at the end of 2017 defined the challenges cryptocurrencies pose.
5 Dec 2017
BY Charles Ogilvie
What will you see in 2018? Laundry that gets done as you wear it or ordered as it wears out.
3 Oct 2017
BY Gregory Cornelius
Singaporeans, like many others, are concerned that emerging technologies could lead to widespread unemployment and social unrest as humans are replaced in the workforce by automation, artificial intelligence and robots.
27 Sep 2017
BY Clarence Goh
Data that is collected in the business environment can be structured or unstructured.
15 Sep 2017
BY Joel Ko Hyun Sik
Whilst reading two reports from The White House on artificial intelligence (AI) - Preparing for the future of artificial intelligence and Artificial intelligence, automation and the economy - I found that there are common perspectives and attitudes towards AI.
7 Sep 2017
BY David Nagrosst
Hybrid infrastructures utilising cloud technologies are paramount to Singapore’s continued financial dominance in meeting long-term market demands.
11 Aug 2017
BY Effendy Ibrahim
We are well and truly into the year 2017 and many of my peers have been asked similar questions when chatting at forums and industry conferences: what will drive the technology sector in 2017?
30 Jul 2017
BY Ong Kai Kiat
As a business, you would need to be highly productive to succeed in Singapore’s competitive environment.
11 Jul 2017
BY Jeremy Han
Sears, a $55 billion revenue American retailer, with 350,000 staff is predicted to go bankrupt soon.
7 Jul 2017
BY Alain Esseiva
Singapore’s wealth management industry needs to beef up its cyberdefences if it is to remain trustworthy For any credible corporate services provider, client confidentiality is non-negotiable, and is arguably one of the most (if not THE most) important aspects of our job.
6 Feb 2017
BY Vivek Kumar
Not to say they've won in real life, but they did win the Startup Weekend Singapore hackathon at Google last month.
16 Jan 2017
BY Centre for Management Practice
It was December 2010, and Tagit Pte Ltd (Tagit), the Singapore-based mobile solutions company, was celebrating the end of a bumper year.
16 Dec 2016
BY Tan Jian Xiang
About two weeks ago, Singtel's subscribers were greeted by an outage of fixed broadband services lasting more than 20 hours.
16 Dec 2016
BY Ricky Ho
Cloud computing in Asia Pacific, especially in Singapore, is growing constantly in importance, and with its growth comes an increasing demand for cloud security.
12 Dec 2016
BY Oliver Tian
Traditionally, robots sit in the factory within a finite space and with fixed rules, a safe distance away from its human operators.
12 Dec 2016
BY Victor Cheng
Many of us spend a large amount of time using computers and we tend to download data – such as files, photographs, videos, and emails – saving them either on company computers or our own devices.
12 Dec 2016
BY Sanjay Aurora
On the evenings of 22 and 24 October 2016, national telco StarHub's home broadband services unexpectedly were disrupted – an unprecedented occurrence in normally safe, efficient, and connected Singapore.
5 Dec 2016
BY Jerzy Szlosarek
Cloud-based IT services are changing what is possible for enterprises and all kinds of businesses.
24 Nov 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
By June 2014, Lau Wing Chew, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) of Alexandra Health System (AHS) in Singapore, had implemented several administrative improvements using data analytics.
6 Oct 2016
BY Brandon Tan
The inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) will be held next week, from the 10th of October, and it's no surprise that one of the key topics during that week will be cyber security.
5 Aug 2016
BY James Tay
Every day you read of companies moving their business online and embarking on some form of change.
29 Jul 2016
BY Vincent Goh
Most people have been following the story on the Bangladesh Central Bank Heist.
14 Jun 2016
BY Reuben Khoo
The recent discovery of a terror cell, the doubling of online cheating cases, and the ongoing investigations on third-party corruption scandals are signs of a new reality faced by Singapore businesses – the global threats of cybercrime, terrorism, and fraud are now a part of everyday life.
6 Jun 2016
BY Gregory Cornelius
It's natural that the excitement of having a robot complete your mundane work chores for you is tempered by a fear of the unknown.
2 Jun 2016
BY Shashank Dixit
Almost every industry today is digitised.
6 May 2016
BY Lee Seng Chee & Tan Ching Ne
The objective of Singapore's quest to be the world's first smart nation is to make a positive difference to people's lives and reinforce Singapore as a leading city state to attract investment, develop talent and innovation.
3 May 2016
BY Jason Hill
Every day, 2.5 million journeys are made on Singapore's MRT1.
23 Mar 2016
BY Vivek Kumar
I met the CEO of a SME business in Singapore recently and he lamented that new technology pilot projects don't always seem to result in enhanced productivity or business returns.
18 Mar 2016
BY Kunaciilan Nallappan
With the proliferation of devices and rapid improvement in infrastructure, Singapore, along with the rest of Asia, is at the crossroad of digital transformation and disruption.
11 Mar 2016
BY JY Pook
"I believe in the notion of a trampoline." That metaphor was all it took for Singapore’s deputy prime minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam to encapsulate Singapore’s approach toward fostering socio-economic resilience in her population.
4 Mar 2016
BY Peter Loh
Wearable devices are now a common affordable consumer gadget, with many brands engaged in intense competition for a piece of the growing market, with increasing pressures on the profit margins.
22 Feb 2016
BY Marcus Loh
Many Singapore-listed firms did not find the much needed festive cheer, as bourses reopened in the Year of the Fire Monkey.
18 Jan 2016
BY JY Pook
On 31 December, ten Asean member-states gave birth to a common market, the Asean Economic Community (AEC), a boost to Southeast Asia's combined economic clout as the world's seventh largest economy.
7 Jan 2016
BY Chris Reed
I have just finished reading the excellent biography on Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance,Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a Fantastic Future, which as an entrepreneur in Singapore is absolutely inspiring.
6 Dec 2015
BY Chika Terada
"There are no limits.
9 Oct 2015
BY Marcus Loh
Singapore's drive toward automation and artificial intelligence should not come at the cost of skilling up her citizens to face this smarter future.
21 Sep 2015
BY Julian Quinn
As we journey in this information age, it seems that more and more people want to be first.
17 Aug 2015
BY Serge Antonini
Singapore has set for itself an exciting goal to evolve into a Smart Nation over the next couple of years.
7 Jun 2015
BY Callum Laing
Last year, for the first time in the history of the Internet, the number of mobile devices connected to it overtook the number of standard desktop connections.
14 May 2015
BY Annabella Poon
With Singapore seen as one of the most advanced and forward-looking cities in Asia, we would expect Singaporeans to be taking the lead when it comes to workforce planning… but the Workforce Planning Trends and Practices survey report 2015 reveals a surprisingly primitive side to the highly developed first-world nation.