Telecom & Internet

25 Jan 17
Blame the OTT services.
24 Jan 17
Some 140,000 people still using 2G handsets would have to upgrade.
24 Jan 17
It has dropped to as much as $7m.
23 Jan 17
Revenue is stable, but YoY growth is thinning.
23 Jan 17
And here's how you know if you are compensated fairly in land acquisition.
20 Jan 17
It could reduce site requirements by 30% to 40%.
19 Jan 17
The scheme could reduce their overall capex.
18 Jan 17
It achieved the highest 5G transmission speeds of 35Gbps.
16 Jan 17
It doesn't have any experience in operating a mobile network.
13 Jan 17
They are exploring mobile infrastructure sharing.
11 Jan 17
They managed to add a total of 11,000 new customers between 2QCY16 and 3QCY16.
11 Jan 17
A full length HD movie could now be downloaded in less than two minutes.
10 Jan 17
The latter has successfully set up a successful broadband business in Australia.
27 Dec 16
He resigned because of other personal work commitments.
20 Dec 16
Only one use fair value accounting for the iOS phones.
19 Dec 16
It gained a war chest of $300m through its medium-term note programme.
16 Dec 16
It will provide services for five years.
15 Dec 16
And check out what MyRepublic and the incumbent telcos have to say on TPG's win.
14 Dec 16
It will now lock horns in a spectrum auction against Singtel, StarHub, and M1.
13 Dec 16
Together with Singtel, the two have a 1.23m subscriber base.
12 Dec 16
The shop allows postpaid subscribers to buy mobile services.
11 Dec 16
They launched their own mobile TV apps.
9 Dec 16
Reserved price for spectrum lots could be higher than $35m.
8 Dec 16
And check out what StarHub and M1 have to say about the potential new telco.
8 Dec 16
It’s challenging Google Docs, Slack, and Trello.
8 Dec 16
That translates to $3.9m contribution at 50% utilisation.
2 Dec 16
The service is available on Singtel Music for $15.90 per month.
29 Nov 16
M1, StarHub, and Singtel will adopt GDMA's Mobile Connect authentication standard.
28 Nov 16
The 7-day 1GB data plan is for $7.
25 Nov 16
Analysts say that the struggling business is a long-term growth driver.
24 Nov 16
It will be broadcast on a 24-hour format.
24 Nov 16
And Arthur Lang was named CEO International.
21 Nov 16
Over 7 in 10 share passwords and engage in other risky behaviours.
21 Nov 16
New player will secure 7% of the mobile revenue share by 2022.
21 Nov 16
Sports forecasting uses virtual currency.
18 Nov 16
The 1GB for 30 days bundle will be for $35.
18 Nov 16
It hired 3 banks to serve as managers.
17 Nov 16
TPG could outbid MyRepublic in terms of balance sheet strength.