40 and under

21 Dec 17
One of them achieved a unique engineering feat through The Scotts Tower project.
21 Dec 17
One of them started his own accounting firm at 26 years old.
3 Nov 17
From unequalled shophouse advisory to a decade of regional expertise, Singapore’s pool of young real estate agents is...
2 Nov 17
The design and development scene in Singapore is bursting with innovation, thanks to its highly competitive architectural workforce...
20 Mar 17
It’s time we got to know the growth drivers.
8 Feb 17
Nominations are accepted until February 17 only.
19 Dec 16
Check out the story of a young lawyer who studied law while he was behind bars.
18 Nov 16
Meet a national swimmer in late 20s who founded his own studio.
24 Aug 16
Loretta Chen’s ‘Secret to Happiness’ is a major project.
19 Aug 16
The CEO and founder is just 30 years old.
16 Aug 16
The youngest is aged 27.
4 Aug 16
His colleagues describe him as a ‘manager in a waiter’s apron’.
25 Jul 16
He was a self-made millionaire at age 26.
14 Jul 16
He's a 36-year old Singaporean.
29 Jun 16
The youngest is a 26-year-old with zero background in business.
3 May 16
Discover who made the cut.
7 Mar 16
They aren’t your typical high profile ladies.
5 Nov 15
Joining him in Singapore is a former Google executive.
6 Oct 15
30-year old Chung Tze Khit once dreamt of a mobile gym in a large air-conditioned truck.
24 Sep 15
Check out his plans as Decathlon opens flagship store in Singapore this December.
22 May 15
Rediscover and fall in love with your city all over again.
27 Mar 15
Check out and be inspired from their humble beginnings before rising the ranks.
12 Jan 15
Meet a summa cumlaude graduate who rises from poverty to become JP Morgan’s head of corporate finance.
19 Dec 14
Check out who made the cut.
17 Sep 14
Help someone get recognition for his or her excellence.
2 Sep 14
Find out how Angels Gate Advisory plan to make Singapore the next Silicon Valley.
15 Aug 14
Check out who made our cut.
7 Jul 14
Check how Sheldon Fernandez plans to uplift the portal amidst weak jobs market.
3 Jul 14
The list includes a restaurateur as young as 27.
25 Jun 14
The rest is history after he founded the firm in 2006.
14 May 14
Find out who made it to the list.
12 Mar 14
Find out who's who in the hotel industry.