Bank Watch

1 Oct 18
The landscape could be rewarding to banks, shown by OCBC’s two new solutions that boosted home loans by $200m.
1 Oct 18
OCBC is the latest to roll out such service amidst an encouraging regulatory environment.
24 Aug 17
From HR mobile apps to online payroll, banks are in a digital arms race.
15 Sep 16
Singapore banks are likely to feel a pinch, but nothing too painful.
2 Nov 15
Singapore banks hit by depressed business loans.
10 Jan 14
Targets to reward household spenders.
18 Sep 13
Businesses can save as much as 5% per month.
16 Jul 13
One in five customers already used the service.
27 Jun 13
All you need is the recipient’s name and card number.
11 Jun 13
It will cater to 30% of Singapore’s rich.
31 May 13
It's JP Morgan's enhanced online banking platform.
19 May 13
Cash, investment holdings displayed in real-time.
6 May 13
60,000 customers are using it already.
19 Apr 13
It was developed by Citi Innovatin Lab in Singapore.
2 Apr 13
Transactions increased 33% since its launch in 2011.
25 Mar 13
An interest of 1.08% per annum was offered.
11 Mar 13
Asian Development Bank will share the risk on this portfolio for up to US$75m.
5 Mar 13
Cardholders get 20% off tickets to the Man Utd Museum and Stadium Tour.
25 Feb 13
It's now available to treasury management clients in 12 markets in Asia Pacific, including in Singapore.
19 Feb 13
Singaporeans can start a transaction on a mobile device and complete it on Citibank Express.