Chart of the Week

26 Jul 16
Buyers are snubbing gadgets and jewelry.
14 Jun 16
Arrivals are rising, but don't pop the champagne yet.
7 Jun 16
Singapore is world's second most preferred destination for new brands.
27 May 16
They're spending less on shopping and scrimping on hotels.
13 May 16
Here are early signs of taxi weakness.
5 May 16
Indonesia was a sore spot for OCBC and UOB.
6 Apr 16
The fleet of private-hire cars are now more than a quarter of taxi's.
5 Feb 16
DBS says Singapore economy is at a crossroads.
29 Jan 16
It’s indicative of a downturn when the credit boom ends.
22 Jan 16
Indicators simply prove measures have been effective.
15 Jan 16
Singapore has the oldest fleet in Asia, to begin with.
8 Jan 16
All other indicators paint bleak picture.
18 Dec 15
2016 could see some policy easing.
11 Dec 15
BMI Research sees Singapore economy to come in at a middling 2.3%.
4 Dec 15
Healthy balance sheet offsets weak topline growth.
27 Nov 15
The sluggish manufacturing sector is not the only thing to blame.
20 Nov 15
Expats need over $500,000 in total tuition fees.
13 Nov 15
Condos resold are undervalued by $3,000 on the average.
6 Nov 15
Check which bank is more exposed.
30 Oct 15
Arrivals in the first half fell by 3%.
23 Oct 15
All key indicators are down in the doldrums, except one.
16 Oct 15
Developer sales numbers are now lower than Global Financial Crisis tallies.
14 Oct 15
Neither past experience with a brand nor its track record matters.
5 Oct 15
Air travel growth trend suggests that there is no imminent global recession.
28 Sep 15
Total number of homes bought by foreigners plunged by over 80% since 2011.
15 Oct 13
Public housing remains out of reach for many.