Company Watch

4 Jul 16
Limited impact unless GBP weakens vs SGD on this level.
28 Jun 16
It targets 1,000 students by 2017.
15 Jun 16
Singapore average transaction value is up to twice that of HK.
31 May 16
Analysts are cautious. Noble has two significant announcements...
9 Nov 15
It doesn’t want to sell NOL too cheaply.
29 Jul 15
Here’s what it will do differently compared to the Big Four.
29 Jun 15
Expanding its presence in the asset management sector across Asian region.
8 Jan 15
The course fee is below $20,000.
11 Jul 14
Here's how management compares HK's self storage market with Singapore's.
26 Jun 14
Keppel Land determined to hold its stake in MBFC Tower 3.
4 Sep 13
Muddy Waters says it's not changing the old ways.
13 Aug 13
Brightspots seen in Brazil operation but challenges remain.