Infographic of the Week

24 Jul 17
They hate the long waiting time for just a single transaction.
6 Jul 17
Around 34.7% of consumer complaints are from Singapore.
23 Jun 17
A finance controller takes home up to $15,000 a month.
24 Apr 17
The market revenue per user could reach $1,022 this year.
18 Apr 17
They’re afraid of losing revenues to these innovators.
11 Apr 17
It has surpassed $2b for the first time.
15 Mar 17
It has visa-free access to 173 countries.
8 Mar 17
LTA just recently announced the new tap and go scheme for public transport.
28 Feb 17
Mobile shopping is set to increase by 42% to $1.2b.
20 Feb 17
Male tourists were seen 1.5 times higher compared to female ones.
14 Feb 17
Here are the best times to book flights in Singapore.
7 Feb 17
One in two believes what they learn in school is not enough for their future.
17 Jan 17
3 in 4 visitors see Singapore as a "repeat destination".
9 Jan 17
Smartphone penetration in APAC region is expected to hit 51.5% by 2019.
20 Dec 16
More than half of property agents said so.
18 Dec 16
2 in 3 Singaporeans prefer retailers with e-commerce and mobile app.
12 Dec 16
They bring home work less often than those in Hong Kong.
5 Dec 16
There are 6 candidates available for each financial analyst role.
1 Dec 16
It appears to be the cheaper option for 5km and 20 km travel.
31 Aug 16
Blame it on two factors.
24 Aug 16
Everything you wanted to know about in 4 handy charts.
17 Aug 16
Check out the top impediments.
10 Aug 16
Being rewarded for hard work is not all that matters to them.
1 Aug 16
Check out why SMU beat NUS in law and economics.
31 Mar 16
Hirers to hire but candidates think otherwise.
15 Mar 16
Here's how he plans to offset negative impact of slowing economy.
23 Feb 16
High salary can only make them stay up to a point.
17 Feb 16
They are motivated but are hindered by 2 major impediments.
9 Feb 16
Having pretty nails is a priority.
2 Feb 16
Here are 5 more things to know about accidents in the city.
26 Jan 16
Guess who can look forward to fuller red packets.
19 Jan 16
Guess who prefers Singapore more: men or women?
12 Jan 16
Here are 7 top items they review before purchasing.
5 Jan 16
Male or female: guess who's making resolutions.
15 Dec 15
Leaving your current job to find another may not be a good idea.
8 Dec 15
Guess where awareness is lowest in the region.
1 Dec 15
Find out who's who in the digital world in 6 infographics.
19 Nov 15
They spend one whole day weekly on their phones.
17 Nov 15
Citizens still own the lion’s share of businesses.
10 Nov 15
The most confident ones are actually from developing markets.