Issue of the Week

18 Feb 19
The budget surplus for 2019 hit $2.1b, a carbon tax will be implemented, and a $3.1b fund for CareShield has been declared.
18 Feb 19
Roughly 700,000 sq ft of data centre space is expected to have been completed in 2018 with the stock set to more than double by 2022.
10 Dec 18
A study revealed that over half or 52% of expats in Singapore are dissatisfied with the city's cost of living.
7 Jun 16
But prime rents will continue to slide.
24 May 16
Core inflation surprised markets.
15 Apr 16
Recession is not yet off the cards.
10 Mar 16
Local home prices had already dipped 8% since 4Q13.
29 Feb 16
Check whether the government needs to revise 1-3% growth outlook or not.
9 Feb 16
All eyes set on possible strategy shift.
1 Feb 16
SGD policy adjustment is also a key issue.
25 Jan 16
To cool or not to cool is also a key issue.
18 Jan 16
Local players were quick to act.
11 Jan 16
Both Keppel and Sembcorp could lose billions.
4 Jan 16
GDP is seen to likely remain stuck in the 2-3% yoy range.
14 Dec 15
Check out what could be possibly fine-tuned.
7 Dec 15
Guess which sector will provide temporary relief.
30 Nov 15
The current period of contraction beats global financial crisis records.
23 Nov 15
Analysts weigh in on policy relaxation expectations.
16 Nov 15
Sales remained muted as rate hike jitters rise.
9 Nov 15
Guess how much one can easily have in just a year.
2 Nov 15
The size of working-age population is seen to start shrinking by 2020.
26 Oct 15
Check out what is MAS likely to make of all this.
19 Oct 15
NODX surprises with small gains, but risk remains.
12 Oct 15
Here are some of the pressures the central bank is grappling with.
5 Oct 15
Economic outlook for 2015 is sobering.
28 Sep 15
Singapore’s August IP is worse than expected.
28 Sep 15
Should Singaporeans fear the R-word?
17 Sep 15
The odds are not in the country's favor, experts say.
9 Apr 14
And will the cooling measures be relaxed by 2015?
26 Mar 14
Everyone has been buzzing about it.
19 Feb 14
Analysts are still keeping their hopes up for next month.
12 Feb 14
Especially with the easing of debt servicing burden.
22 Jan 14
SREITs are in for a triple whammy.