Mobile App Watch

2 Jun 19
The proceeds will be used to enhance its product and grow the team.
11 Mar 19
The app notifies users regarding COE renewal, car recalls, road tax expiry and traffic fines.
5 Sep 18
YY Part Time Jobs app aims to respond to the industry's urgent manpower crunch.
30 Aug 18
It will add operations in India and South Korea to its existing Singapore and Australia branches.
26 Jan 18
Users of the app just have to scan a QR code.
12 Jan 18
It helps travelers know about country-specific requirements related to passport validity, visa, vaccination and customs.
17 May 17
Their Biz4x suite aims to help money changers.
27 Apr 17
As of April 2017, it achieved 35,000 downloads.
29 Mar 17
It secured US$1.2m from 500Startups, Golden Gate Ventures, and SeedPlus in a seed round.
17 Mar 17
The app will enable HR units to embrace technology.
9 Mar 17
The company’s initiatives benefit the environment as well.
7 Mar 17
The founders want to help small businesses succeed.
6 Feb 17
It aims to help both local fitness clubs and travellers alike.
12 Jan 17
It consolidates five different software to address SMEs' needs.
27 Dec 16
It’s the first search-through-maintain platform in Singapore.
22 Dec 16
Everyday pain conditions can now be easily addressed.
8 Dec 16
It’s challenging Google Docs, Slack, and Trello.
22 Nov 16
Math practice is enmeshed in an engaging detective story.
31 Oct 16
It transformed from just a loyalty app to an end-to-end customer engagement platform.
16 Sep 16
Monthly or daily bus passes will soon be available.
26 Aug 16
It has a feature for those who don’t trust the cloud.
18 Aug 16
It now has over 10,000 registered users.
20 Jun 16
It plans to expand into two other countries.
4 May 16
It's like Agoda for money changers.
19 Feb 16
Call Levels raised US$500,000 at Pre-Series A funding.
14 Jan 16
It devises a system to avoid fake requests.
17 Dec 15
Even patients in rural locations are given assistance.
20 Nov 15
Consumers wouldn’t have to worry about limited access to ATMs and bank branches.
27 Oct 15
Users can book an appointment from over 15,000 doctors in Singapore.
15 Oct 15
It partners with retailers to offer interactive experiential centres.
8 Sep 15
The app highlights a two-minute recording feature.
27 Aug 15
This all-in-one app is the natural extension of the founders' personal finance comparison website.
21 Aug 15
This app also helps SMEs get noticed in the market.
13 Jul 15
Quality financial monitoring isn’t just for the high and mighty.