R&D Watch

28 Apr 17
This is its third lab; the other two are located in USA and UK.
17 Nov 16
It works with the existing one in Amsterdam in consolidating supply chains globally.
8 Nov 16
It will improve efficiency of multi-party trade finance transactions.
27 Jun 16
It also hosts IBM studios to support customer innovation.
10 May 16
It is one of the biggest in sanitary ware showroom design.
5 Feb 16
It’s connected with two other labs in US and Ireland.
8 Jan 16
EDGE LAB aims to find ways to make insurance more accessible.
20 Nov 15
It is one of Singapore’s first purpose-built data centres exceeding Tier 3 standard.
5 Nov 15
Singapore's first private stem cell bank opens in Panjang Road.
5 Aug 15
It’s the first to complete the Health Sciences Authority inspection.
13 May 15
It is the first major investment by a Chinese aerospace firm.
1 Apr 15
It marks the fulfillment of a vision too ambitious to achieve 15 years ago.
26 Jan 15
It bills itself as a first-of-its-kind innovation centre for the insurance industry.
10 Dec 14
It’s the first carpentry training center in Singapore’s furniture industry.