16 Aug 17
The annual plan costs $539.88 with no need for a deposit.
15 Aug 17
There are more than 400 companies that rely on this app.
14 Aug 17
Jacki Ng aims to empower dive professionals through a cloud based dive management software.
14 Aug 17
Their goal is to become the number one experience booking platform in Asia.
8 Aug 17
Their total funding closed at US$3.6milion.
7 Aug 17
They aim to build their presence in key cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
31 Jul 17
With Shift, you can easily swipe right on a job that you’re interested in.
25 Jul 17
Following a significantly oversubscribed Pre-Series A, CredoLab raised more than US$1million of funding to date.
19 Jul 17
$3.3m was from pre-series A.
19 Jul 17
Their total funding to date is at S$11.5 million.
13 Jul 17
Senescence Life Sciences uses the world’s most advanced breakthroughs in neuroscience to combat brain ageing.
13 Jul 17
SeeChat will revolutionize customer service with the potential to power 1.4 million SMEs.
13 Jul 17
It's raised US$18 million in the past 18 months.
7 Jul 17
He will be one of the panelists at the ​20 Hottest Startups Panel Briefing 2017.
5 Jul 17
Catch her at the SBR Hottest Startups Panel Briefing 2017.
5 Jul 17
FreightKart wants to disrupt the shipping services industry.
5 Jul 17
As she shares the successes of the Asian fitness startup.
4 Jul 17
He will discuss this and more at the SBR Hottest Startups Panel Briefing 2017.
3 Jul 17
And it fits right into your pocket.
28 Jun 17
He will zero in on the challenges of B2B model.
28 Jun 17
Wong will speak at the Singapore Business Review’s 20 Hottest Startups Panel Briefing 2017.
28 Jun 17
Rio Inaba will tackle how business card data can help your startup.
22 Jun 17
Giulio Xiloyannis will discuss how to build a sustainable brand.
15 Jun 17
Turochas Fuad will talk about real world examples of what it takes to raise funds.
8 Jun 17
This home-grown start up helps jobseekers find work aligning with their schedules and commitments.
2 Jun 17
After the recently closed $4.1M Series A, this start up’s total funding went up to US$ 8M.
17 May 17
It uses AI to authenticate vintage items.
12 May 17 has sold more than $55m worth of cars in almost two years.
2 May 17
This platform aims to make financial product buying enjoyable and simple.
24 Apr 17
The software aims to improve organisational productivity.
21 Apr 17
 This gardening system is designed and manufactured in Toa Payoh.
4 Apr 17
Total funding is now at US$925,000.
22 Mar 17
Total is now at US$4.4m, as Ematic prepares for its Series A round.
16 Mar 17
Their name says it all.
14 Mar 17
The startup helps make transactions easier and transparent.
10 Mar 17
The startup provides technology-augmented, algorithm-based portfolio management services.
7 Mar 17
Over the past 6 years, it has grown its boot campers from 10 to 10,000.
2 Mar 17
Step aside, celebrity bloggers.
1 Mar 17
It's the “Internet of Things” for expats.