14 Mar 17
The startup helps make transactions easier and transparent.
10 Mar 17
The startup provides technology-augmented, algorithm-based portfolio management services.
7 Mar 17
Over the past 6 years, it has grown its boot campers from 10 to 10,000.
2 Mar 17
Step aside, celebrity bloggers.
1 Mar 17
It's the “Internet of Things” for expats.
22 Feb 17
Fintech and property dominate 2017 list.
8 Feb 17
Latize believes in the power of data-driven decisions.
23 Dec 16
Say goodbye to towers of resumes.
9 Dec 16
Founded and based in Singapore, Lynx Analytics’ mission is to create and demonstrate revolutionary business outcomes with the power of big...
9 Dec 16
Deliveries are made within an hour.
5 Dec 16
It wants to change the misconception on using dating apps.
25 Nov 16
It's the biggest seed funding in Southeast Asia.
21 Nov 16
Sports forecasting uses virtual currency.
18 Nov 16
It pulls data from wearable consumer sensors to give an overview of a person's health.
17 Nov 16
No need to worry about increasing manpower to manage additional orders.
11 Nov 16
The platform already works with K-12, higher education, and enterprises.
31 Oct 16
Full sales course can range between US$2-10.
14 Sep 16
It’s a SIM sticker that is less than 0.5mm thick.
6 Sep 16
It has a proprietary database with over 20,000 investors.
19 Aug 16
They just raised $1million in funding.
12 Aug 16
He shared crazy things to make BitTitan successful.
20 Jul 16
He’s building a community with Singapore as pilot location.
11 Jul 16
It just raised over US$4.7million.
30 Jun 16
It aims to be the OKCupid of online job hunting.
10 Jun 16
It just raised US$500,000 funding at the end of 2015.
19 May 16
It provides solutions that integrate with email service provider.
22 Apr 16
The Minute List boasts chefs' top resto picks and more.
11 Apr 16
Fresh flowers delivered in 90 minutes and 30% cheaper.
1 Apr 16
Check out how it simplifies the process.
21 Mar 16
It secured US$1M funding from angel investors.
3 Mar 16
Its network of partner restaurants trippled to 450 in just 3 months.
26 Jan 16
It has crowdfunded 37 SMEs in just six months since launched.
19 Jan 16
Beeketing provides marketing automation platform for e-commerce business.
14 Dec 15
Its app connects you to over 500 beauty artists.