Building & Engineering Commentaries

20 Dec 2017
BY Centre for Management Practice
In 2001, the Singapore government wanted to upgrade the old national stadium.
22 Aug 2016
BY Vivek Kumar
Recently I was invited to join the DHL Robotics Day 2016 with some outstanding fellow keynote speakers from ABB, DHL, and NTU.
17 May 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
Achieving scale in tiny Singapore has long been a challenge for SMEs.
10 Oct 2014
BY Sean Tan
Against the backdrop of high property prices in Singapore, a hike in stamp duty, and loan limits on second homes, combined with tough rules restricting foreigners from buying homes, many Singapore-based property investors are looking at opportunities outside the island state, in search of solid capital appreciation and rental yield.
5 Jul 2013
BY Jeffrey Yap
The rising cost of healthcare in Singapore and Asia[1] has become an increasing concern for employers as well as the general populace, especially for the older generation, or those who are supporting an elderly dependent.
21 Dec 2012
BY Richard Marriott
According to a recent McKinsey study, private funds are set to invest over $1 trillion in infrastructure projects across Asia over the next ten years.
9 Nov 2012
BY Won-Joon Lee
The significant amount of volatility, in Singapore’s construction industry’s output and contracts awarded in the last decade, reflects the sector’s cyclical nature and exposure to the wider economy.
6 Nov 2012
BY Sujit Ghosh
Singapore has set a national target to get 80% of Singapore buildings to be ‘green’ by 2030.
12 Sep 2012
BY Tan Tian Chong
Singapore, which is a small island city-state, is very vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.
3 Aug 2012
BY Bailey Monte
Heading to Singapore I didn’t know what to expect.
22 Jun 2012
BY Theodore Chan
Even as architects all over the world conceptualised with new materials and innovative design solutions as media of creative expression , timber has long been a classic favourite.
22 Jun 2012
BY Wayne Gay
There has been rising interest of late for professionals in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) methods and operational excellence, making them some of the most sought-after this year.
25 May 2012
BY Richard Warburton
Since the turn of the millennium the number of foreign workers in Singapore has grown by over 70% with recent Census figures suggesting there are now well over one million across the country, accounting for around 35% of Singapore’s overall labour force.
12 Mar 2012
Eco-friendly workplaces in Singapore have happier and productive employees when they perceive their companies as environmentally responsible.
26 May 2011
The idea of “going green” has been on minds of consumers and enterprises for nearly a decade now.
4 Mar 2011
Singapore's National Library is one of those stunning modern buildings, filled with light that lifts the spirit.