Commercial Property Commentaries

9 Sep 2016
BY Andrew Chung
Singapore is well underway in its quest to be a Smart Nation, through the deployment of technology and innovative solutions to old problems.
18 Jul 2016
BY Istvan Loh
The recent acquisition of the 43-storey Asia Square Tower One by Qatar Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund, has provided the flagging Singapore real estate market with a much-needed shot in the arm.
7 Jul 2016
BY Istvan Loh
The data centre market is growing at a CAGR of 20%, and Singapore is uniquely positioned to be a major beneficiary.
13 Jun 2016
BY Istvan Loh
Industrial production in the country peaked in 2010 and has been in a state of decline ever since, except for minor increases in 2013 and 2014.
3 Jun 2016
BY Istvan Loh
The property market is closely linked to economic conditions as the demand for commercial space fluctuates with changes in the level of business activity.
26 May 2016
BY Istvan Loh
According to a report released recently by Savills, a global real estate service provider, the Singapore property market has recorded its lowest quarterly investment sales since 2009.
20 Apr 2016
BY Kenneth Worsdale
Singapore has become a hot spot for investments in the self-storage sector lately.
26 Oct 2015
BY Trinh Danh
Singapore is rapidly growing as a business hub, making it attractive for local startups and SMEs to kickstart their business and expansion plans into the region.
24 Aug 2015
BY Istvan Loh
A slew of property cooling measures introduced by the Singapore government over the last few years have taken a toll in the Singapore property market.
14 Jul 2015
BY Chris Reed
The other day I wanted to go to Kallang Leisure Park for some shopping but the taxi driver said that with the NDP rehearsals on that I should try another mall.
20 May 2015
BY Sean Tan
To most Singaporeans, Thailand is synonymous with the idea of a fantastic tropical holiday.
25 Nov 2014
BY Getty Goh
Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) recently announced that it would be acquiring StreetSine Technology Group for S$30million for a 60% stake in the company.
10 Oct 2014
BY Sean Tan
Against the backdrop of high property prices in Singapore, a hike in stamp duty, and loan limits on second homes, combined with tough rules restricting foreigners from buying homes, many Singapore-based property investors are looking at opportunities outside the island state, in search of solid capital appreciation and rental yield.
19 May 2014
BY Angela Cain
Singapore hosted the CoreNet Global APAC Summit 2014 and, as the event drew to close, I began to reflect on the changing landscape for corporate real estate (CRE) professionals in Asia and what the evolving criteria and considerations are for CRE decision-makers as we move further into 2014 and look to 2015.
21 Mar 2014
BY Erwin Chong
Corporate real estate is gaining more importance and significance around the boardrooms of many companies globally, as they recognise the role that this function plays in providing great places for people to work, advancing the company’s sustainability agenda, supporting new business opportunities, and managing risks around the world.
20 Mar 2014
BY Michael Brisbane
More and more firms are looking to cut costs and improve productivity by creating open plan offices and hot-desking.
29 Nov 2013
BY Mark Dixon
I recently read some research that will leave many business owners speechless.
31 Oct 2013
BY Dr Seh Huan Kiat & Getty Goh
When it comes to investing in overseas properties, a worry that investors often have is whether the deal is a scam.
14 Oct 2013
BY Tan Choon Leng
The number of millionaires in Singapore is on the rise.
23 Jul 2013
BY Daniel Tay
710km2 - the size of our heavily urbanised and small city-state.
7 Apr 2013
BY Michael Brisbane
Thanks to Yahoo CEO Melissa Meyer there is now a raging debate about whether employees are more effective working from home or whether more creativity flows from people working together at work.
20 Feb 2013
BY Jeffrey Yap
Launched in 2005, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore’s Green Mark Scheme was targeted at fostering the construction of more environmentally-friendly buildings, with the end goal of ensuring that long-term sustainability would be part of the foundation of every building project in Singapore.
18 Feb 2013
BY Michael Brisbane
We spend most of our lives at work and yet how much do we really care about our workplace design?
7 Jan 2013
BY Michael Brisbane
January is always a traditional time to look at your health and put some new year’s resolutions (Western year not Chinese Year that is...) in place for a healthier and happier you.
25 Sep 2012
BY Andrew Macpherson
Although property is usually the second largest operating cost for an organisation, very often Board Executives have incomplete knowledge of how well their property assets are being managed or how they perform against their competitors.
24 Sep 2012
BY Alison Baird
Recruitment in the banking and financial services industry is particularly competitive, as are the markets in which banks operate.
28 Aug 2012
BY Getty Goh
These days, everyone in Singapore seems to want to invest in properties.
25 May 2012
BY Richard English
For many who live in shoe-box apartments in first-world cities like Singapore, the idea of owning a spacious property overseas at an attractive cost often proves too tempting to ignore.
6 Mar 2012
No one doubts the value of good data.
1 Sep 2011
Industrial properties in Singapore showed stellar performance over the past 1.5 years, in 2010 and 1H 2011.
15 Nov 2010
Asia, the world’s largest continent with 47 countries and approximately four billion people, has emerged as a major real estate investment destination in recent years.
15 Sep 2010
An asset training plan will drive a competitive advantage for assets that can tangibly demonstrate better sustainability, lower service charge and better tenant services.