Economy Commentaries

26 Jun 2019
BY Kyle Hegarty
It was now over ten years ago when the cargo ships stopped moving.
24 Jun 2019
BY Sakari Kuikka
As growing uncertainty mounts in the global economy due to the US-China trade conflicts, the need to transform Singapore into a globally competitive, self-sustaining and technology-driven nation grows increasingly urgent.
14 Jun 2019
BY Leslie Ong
To mark the end of Singapore’s ASEAN chairmanship in November 2018, Prime Minister Lee handed Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, a wooden gavel and the Thai premier thanked Singapore for "efficiently driving forward a resilient and innovative ASEAN community".
6 Jun 2019
BY Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar
The underlying narrative of the 21st century has been underscored by technological advancements, whether it be in smartphones and tablets, the advent of social media, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to name a few.
15 May 2019
BY Elis Tan Siok Ping
Globalisation of the economy has resulted in a shift in the way Singapore corporations operate – from local country-specific business models, to global integrated supply chains which centralise functions at a regional or global level.
3 Apr 2019
BY Derren Joseph
The SMU-TA Centre for Excellence in Taxation (SMU-TA CET) was set up by Singapore Management University and the Tax Academy of Singapore, to undertake tax research with a focus on international taxation.
10 Dec 2018
BY Bryan Cheang
The Ministry of Health is currently considering measures to reduce Singaporeans’ consumption of sugar which is a factor in obesity and diabetes here.
5 Sep 2018
BY Sinclair Davidson
One of the great economic challenges of the 21st century is defining the role and scope of intellectual property (IP) in the economy.
26 Jun 2018
BY Antonio Acunzo
The historic Singapore summit between Mr.
13 Apr 2018
BY Sudhir Agarwal
By leveraging technology and smart partnerships, Singapore can transcend its size and grow into Asia.
23 Feb 2018
BY Kyle Hegarty
Singapore’s 2018 Budget includes a new Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) designed to help firms internationalise.
3 Oct 2017
BY Ong Kai Kiat
It can be difficult to let go of the past and look forward to the future.
11 Aug 2017
BY Ong Kai Kiat
ASEAN celebrated its 50th anniversary with a grand parade in the Philippines which represented the different cultures of its 10-member states on August 8, 2017.
6 Jul 2017
BY Antonio Acunzo
In mid-December 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited Singapore on a state visit, and Singapore President Tony Tan highlighted during a state banquet that an increasing number of Singapore companies is eager to invest in the Philippines.
28 Feb 2017
BY Chris Reed
The Singapore Budget unveiled a raft of new measures aimed at getting Singapore's reluctant SMEs/SMBs (small media enterprises/businesses) to go digital and use technology in their businesses.
16 Feb 2017
BY Chai Wai Fook & Chia Seng Chye
Following the recommendations by the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), the Monetary Authority of Singapore recently announced that it will relax some of its rules on finance companies to make it easier for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to obtain financing.
31 Jan 2017
BY Chai Wai Fook
2016 was a tough year for Singapore’s economy.
25 Jan 2017
BY Antonio Acunzo
On 20 January 2017 Mr Donald J.
27 Dec 2016
BY Lee Tiong Heng & Eugene Penafort
As the clock runs down on 2016 and with people in a reflective mood, it is perhaps the perfect time to take stock of how the Singapore Government’s PIC-R&D tax incentive has performed as the PIC scheme itself draws to a close after the end of 2017.
5 Dec 2016
BY Adrian Tan
For any business owner in Singapore, you would have heard of the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme.
1 Dec 2016
BY Vivek Kumar
An ability to innovate is often the critical success factor for any global city.
25 Nov 2016
BY Adrian Tan
As we have all come to accept, change is inevitable.
24 Nov 2016
BY Mark Kidd
Much has been said about the cost of getting married in Singapore, which can range from S$35,000 to S$75,0001, depending on the scale.
14 Nov 2016
BY Antonio Acunzo
With the new US President-elect, Mr.
14 Nov 2016
BY Derren Joseph
Right after it became clear that Mr Donald J.
2 Nov 2016
BY Vincent Low
In recent years, the role of corporations has increased in importance due to growing awareness and societal expectations.
24 Oct 2016
BY Chris Reed
I am a true global business citizen.
12 Oct 2016
BY Marcus Loh
Singapore’s ability to navigate the challenges of disruption rests on becoming a Learning Nation, and ensuring industry-readiness and re-employability among millennials and mid-career professionals.
11 Oct 2016
BY Chris Reed
Although my HQ is in Singapore I spend most of working life traveling across Asia Pacific doing talks or meeting fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients.
23 Sep 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
Billionaire US presidential candidate Donald Trump last year called the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) a "horrible deal." Trump doesn’t like the TPP, of which Singapore is a founding signatory.
9 Sep 2016
BY Andrew Chung
Singapore is well underway in its quest to be a Smart Nation, through the deployment of technology and innovative solutions to old problems.
31 Aug 2016
BY Adrian Tan
I think if there is one thing business owners need to take away from this year’s national day rally, it is to take care of your health.
15 Aug 2016
BY Andrew Chung
The on-demand economy—built around cheap and easy services we can use from the convenience of our smartphones—is enjoying fresh success across Asia.
28 Jul 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
What do Brexit, the recent shootings in the state of Florida in the US, and US presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposed wall separating the US and Mexico have in common?
25 Jul 2016
BY Andrew Chung
The result is official.
23 Jun 2016
BY June Ho
The recent news of NOL and Otto Marine's planned delisting from the SGX should come as no great surprise.
26 May 2016
BY Chris Reed
Here are five other factors that entrepreneurs should look at when deciding on where to place their hub in Asia Pacific.
19 May 2016
BY Jeetu Mahtani
It's time for companies in Singapore to expand globally, according to the recent Budget 2016 announcement.
19 May 2016
BY Chris Reed
I live in Singapore but I also love spending time in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
11 May 2016
BY Istvan Loh
Real estate prices rose by almost 80 percent in Singapore between 2008 and 2013.