Energy & Offshore Commentaries

7 Mar 2019
BY Gautam Jindal
Earlier in January, electricity retailer Red Dot Power (RDP) announced its exit from the electricity market, citing a “financial challenging period.” RDP was one of the 14 electricity retailers that participated in the pilot launch of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in 2018.
13 Feb 2017
BY Gautam Jindal
In order to fulfil its commitments under the Paris climate change agreement, Singapore’s climate action plan includes a number of strategies, including reduction of emissions from its power generation sector.
12 Oct 2016
BY June Ho
It seems that every week brings a raft of new 'bad news' stories for the Singapore shipping and offshore oil and gas sectors and their investors.
9 Jun 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
In global financial markets that are drowning in information and data, we may have a huge advantage here in Singapore: We can glance out into the bay from the ECP and learn more about oil markets than any deskload of commodities traders sitting in London or New York.
20 May 2016
BY June Ho
With the annual Singapore Maritime Week now a distant memory, it is worth reflecting on the health of the local Maritime sector.
26 Jun 2013
BY Ola Nisja
Singaporean businesses involved in the offshore industry would be well advised to rug up warm, get a hot cup of tea, and take a close look at the growing volume of business opportunities coming from the coldest part of the world.
22 Apr 2013
BY Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
Singapore, like the rest of the world, faces a new paradigm for energy supply and even more important the energy supply chain – exploration, exploitation/extraction, transport, grid, pollution, carbon dioxide emissions.
5 Dec 2012
BY Per M. Ristvedt
It was recently announced that Sete Brazil had placed drillship orders worth over S$8 billion with Keppel Offshore and Marine and SembCorp Marine in Singapore.
29 Oct 2012
BY Mark Robertshaw
There is much doom and gloom about the imperilled state of the world—the GFC, troubles in Europe, a decline in economic growth, jobs at risk.
27 Jul 2012
BY Sriram Srinivasan
Compared to some other choices in clean energy like solar and wind, biofuels as an alternate energy source has been struggling to find a foothold globally despite strong demand from industry, regulatory “push” for sustainable energy sources and pressure from environmental activists.
16 Mar 2012
BY Paul Fitzpatrick
Why outsourcing strategies need to be underpinned by human resource planning.
17 Feb 2012
The International Energy Agency predicts that global energy demand would increase by one-third from 2010 to 2035, with Asia leading this demand.
11 Feb 2012
Going green has been given greater impetus if the latest developments concerning Singapore’s construction industry are an indication.
3 Nov 2010
Buildings responsible for at least 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions can implement some simple tried-and-tested actions—some costing less than SG$170,000—to reduce their carbon footprint.