Financial Services Commentaries

22 Sep 2020
BY Matthew Driver
Before COVID-19, the rise of open banking had already set off a race around the globe to transform the financial services industry.
28 Jul 2020
BY Steven Xavier Chan
Singapore is gradually reopening its economy after two months of lockdown, but some of the jobs lost may never return as companies adapt to a “new normal” of supply chain disruptions and travel restrictions.
27 Jul 2020
BY Andrew McNeilis
As with all industries, the financial services sector has been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic.
21 Jul 2020
BY Avik Bose
The COVID-19 pandemic is being felt in the operations of businesses worldwide and one of the most striking disruptions is evident in supply chain arrangements.
1 Jun 2020
BY Vihang Patel
Government support is helpful, but firms should know all financing options available to them.
27 May 2020
BY Valentina Drofa
Businesses around the world have taken a major hit in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and Singapore is not an exception.
23 Apr 2020
BY Erich Gerber
The five new virtual banking licenses that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) intends to award this year promise to contribute significant enhancements to customers’ experiences with the country’s financial institutions.
17 Apr 2020
BY Elango Balusamy
Fintech flourished in the decade after the 2008 financial crisis, but how will the industry fare in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak?
3 Oct 2011
Virtually every activity within an organization in Singapore involves business content.
2 Aug 2011
Last month, accountants and finance professionals from all over Singapore gathered at the ACRA Public Accountants’ Conference “Transitioning from Value Protection to Value Creation” to discuss the latest issues facing the profession.
2 Aug 2011
Following the global financial crisis, organisations are seeking new ways to reduce costs while still retaining their service and corporate governance standards.
21 Jan 2011
Consumers depend on Fidrec, the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre, and its job is to mediate disputes between customers and financial institutions.
15 Nov 2010
“Ultimately, members will look to their pension fund to provide the strategies and products they need for a secure and enjoyable retirement lifestyle.
5 Oct 2010
The global financial crisis has impacted on the margins and risk profile on which many infrastructure project finance business plans were based.
20 Jul 2010
Patricia Pascuzzo explores the many benefits of using 'strategic conversation' and scenario analysis to develop successful portfolio strategies.
20 Jul 2010
Garry Hawker examines some of the latest thinking around risk factors, 'return drivers' and whether they are a more effective means of diversification versus an asset class approach.
19 Feb 2010
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Asia Financial Services Leader Dominic Nixon talks about the Banking Banana Skin Survey 2010 and what bankers in Asia fear the most.
3 Feb 2010
The bottled water industry has figured out how to get to consumers and it’s through their hearts.