Financial Services Commentaries

5 Sep 2016
BY Roger Crook
After the global downturn that followed 2008, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) emerged as one of the pillars of the economy, withstanding turbulent times whilst banking titans collapsed around them.
26 Aug 2016
BY Ong Kai Kiat
DP Information Group had recently conducted a credit survey on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore and found that SMEs are tightening their credit terms.
25 Aug 2016
BY Satish Bakhda
It can be very challenging to obtain a loan for a startup anywhere in the world.
29 Jul 2016
BY Vincent Goh
Most people have been following the story on the Bangladesh Central Bank Heist.
11 Jul 2016
BY Ong Kai Kiat
Singapore is an established financial hub and it represents a significant 25% to 30% of our GDP in the past four years.
6 Jun 2016
BY Satish Bakhda
In Singapore, where entrepreneurship thrives successfully, you can start a business from your HDB flat or condo as a home business owner.
6 Apr 2016
BY Satish Bakhda
Tax season is here and it is time to consider your personal tax strategy in time for the April 15th deadline.
29 Mar 2016
BY Rikhil Bakhda
In Singapore, start-ups compete for talent with multinationals and cannot offer large paychecks compared to their large competitors.
23 Mar 2016
BY Dominic Gamble
Of all the alternative investments out there, should Singaporean investors start badgering their wealth managers to start buying up Bitcoin?
14 Mar 2016
BY Satish Bakhda
What is incorporation? A corporate entity or corporation is an organisation which is authorised by law to act as a legal person to carry on a business activity.
7 Mar 2016
BY Derren Joseph
Last September, I wrote "After Switzerland, is Singapore next?".
11 Feb 2016
BY Rikhil Bakhda
Singapore is a reputed international financial centre.
17 Jan 2016
BY Derren Joseph
Last November I wrote that Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was just the beginning.
13 Dec 2015
BY Raymond Foo
The recent financial rout in the commodity and currency market has resulted in volatility in the financial market.
11 Dec 2015
BY David Pugh
Warren Buffett famously said, "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." That's true in volatile markets like those experienced in emerging markets this year in anticipation of a Fed rate hike.
22 Nov 2015
BY Derren Joseph
On November 17th, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) published a "Summary of Responses - Public Consultation on Draft Income Tax (Amendment) Bill 2016".
10 Nov 2015
BY Dominic Gamble
A new breed of wealth management client is forcing change in a traditional industry.
4 Nov 2015
BY Hamish Moline
In the world of small business, the value of successful peer role models and shared best practices can't be overstated: already facing challenging odds of success (about 50% of new companies fail in their first five years), the keys-to-success wisdom shared by a fellow entrepreneur can make the difference between your chances of failure or flourishing.
5 Oct 2015
BY David Pugh
The British government recently warned expats to be 'extremely vigilant' against unscrupulous financial advisers.
24 Sep 2015
BY Derren Joseph
Anyone with even a cursory interest in the world of banking has noticed what has been happening in Switzerland for the better part of the last decade.
18 Sep 2015
BY Chris Reed
Six years as a businessman in Singapore and I'm loving it.
15 Sep 2015
BY Mike Buffini
As the number of start-ups rises in Singapore, getting an insurance plan to protect against the loss of a key person -- the owner, main revenue generator, or chief product developer of the business -- has never been more important.
28 Apr 2015
BY Paul Coates
A Business Will -- have you made one?
21 Apr 2015
BY Callum Laing
Singapore is more than ready for a future with bitcoin.
23 Mar 2015
BY Pierre Lorinet
In recent times Singapore has become an important global hub for commodity trading and by extension, commodity trade finance.
5 Mar 2015
BY Anthony Coundouris
Coronate, carbonate, purify, petrify – no matter how you officialise a paper invoice, there is no guarantee payment will be forthcoming.
16 Feb 2015
BY Derren Joseph
By now most, if not all, Financial Institutions in Singapore are aware of FATCA.
12 Jan 2015
BY Anthony Coundouris
Gone are the days of factoring being treated as an illegitimate child of finance.
12 Dec 2014
BY Derren Joseph
Singapore's MOF held a public consultation on FATCA which ended in October 2014.
27 Nov 2014
BY Anthony Coundouris
Singapore is one of the few nations in the Asia Pacific region to have mandated the practice of e-invoicing.
18 Sep 2014
BY Chris Mead
The Government's new Fair Consideration Framework introduced on August 1st has increased competition for local talent in the jobs market.
3 Sep 2014
BY Derren Joseph
FATCA stands for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and was enacted by the United States Congress back in 2010 to encourage tax compliance by US persons using non-US financial accounts.
31 Jul 2014
BY Neethu Stephen
Being in the business of bookkeeping, we have often encountered people who have the wrong idea of the bookkeeping process.
17 Jul 2014
BY Chris Reed
As a marketer I shudder when I see a valuable communications channel like a LinkedIn company page being misused by non-marketing people such as Human Resources (HR).
6 May 2014
BY Derren Joseph
FATCA is a term that must be familiar to anyone who deals with US institutions or US persons.
18 Mar 2014
BY Anthony Coundouris
Once upon a time we didn’t trust banks.
13 Mar 2014
BY Jon Golding
In an inaugural report on money laundering and terrorist financing risks, Singapore has said certain sectors e.g.
11 Mar 2014
BY Dewi Sriwahyuto
Accounting giant Xero announced in December 2013 that Singapore would have bank feeds via Yodlee by early 2014.
29 Nov 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
“Inflation is when you pay $15 for the $10 haircut you used to get for $5 when you had hair”  - Sam Ewing Inflation in Singapore has seen rates of 4.8 – 5.2% consistently which has caused concern and unease amongst savers with funds held in a bank account earning 0.25% interest.
4 Nov 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
As an Investment Adviser, I work with both local Singaporeans and expats living here in constructing and managing global investment portfolios.