Financial Services Commentaries

23 Oct 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
For many, many years there have been studies conducted on the empirical relationship between money and happiness and a conclusive answer has not yet been widely accepted.
16 Oct 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
        Singapore’s average wealth per adult is currently US$282,000 (5th in the world)         The number of High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals rose 21.5% in 2012         HNW Individuals hold USD 857 billion in wealth         The number of HNW individuals in Singapore expected to rise 58% by 2017         HNW Individual wealth expected to surpass USD 1.38 trillion by 2017         Assets under management across Singapore hit a record high of USD 1.29 trillion The degree of wealth shifting to Singapore is truly staggering so it is important to look at why wealthy individuals from across the globe are seeking to make Singapore their new home.
11 Oct 2013
BY Dhruv Sahgal
In September last year I left the comforts of a salaried banking job to co-found EatAds.
18 Sep 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
Offshore Portable Retirement Planning for Expats in Singapore Recently, Singapore was ranked as the 5th most expensive city in the world to live and this will come as no surprise to anybody residing here.
12 Sep 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
The Australian Federal Election is over for 2013 and Tony Abbott is the new Prime Minister following a landslide victory for the Liberal Party.
2 Sep 2013
BY Jarrad Brown
For years now both locals and expatriates of Singapore have been sending funds into Australia to take advantage of higher interest rates paid on deposits relative to what can be earned in Singapore.
29 Jul 2013
BY Scott D. Michel, Esq.
On July 18, 2013, the Singapore Ministry of Finance announced that it was modifying its Exchange of Information (EOI) regime in a variety of ways, including issuing a notice that it intended to conclude an “intergovernmental agreement” (“IGA”) with the U.S.
15 Jul 2013
BY Sean Lim LS
Two weeks have passed since the MAS Debt Servicing Ratio framework was announced.
2 Jul 2013
BY Sean Lim LS
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on June 28 2013 introduced a Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework for property loans applicable to all types of properties.
22 May 2013
BY Manan Sagar
In recent years major insurers, reinsurers, and insurance brokers have moved much of their Asian-focused business to Singapore - and for good reason.
8 May 2013
BY NUS Business School
Over the past decade Singapore-based DBS Group has grown to become one of the biggest names in Asian banking.
6 May 2013
BY Leong Soo Yee
Sustainability reporting is the publication of environmental, social and governance information in a comprehensive and strategic manner that reflects the activities and outcomes across these three aspects of an organisation’s performance.
30 Apr 2013
BY Simone Heidema
Many mismanagement occurrences that happened before and after 2007 led to the 2008 global financial crisis – changing significantly the Singapore corporate-governance landscape.
12 Feb 2013
BY John Fearon
As a CEO/Founder of a startup, you seek to raise $1 million dollars.
25 Jan 2013
BY Prateek A. Rastogi
A 2012 global-fraud survey conducted by ACI Worldwide, a global provider of electronic payments solutions for financial institutions, retailers, and processors, showed that one in four respondents said that they have been victims of credit, debit or pre-paid card frauds over the last five years.
10 Jan 2013
BY Benjamin Loh
One common grouse among young professionals in Singapore about networking is that sometimes it becomes too contrived.
7 Jan 2013
BY Andrew Talbot
Another New Year, another resolution!
18 Dec 2012
BY Hazik Mohamed
As 2012 dashes towards the finish-line, the year-end can be a time of contemplation and resolution - an opportunity to consider the ways you can make your business better.
26 Nov 2012
BY John Fearon
If you have a startup in Singapore, ignore the business plan, financial projections, valuations, and statistics (for now) – look at yourself – are you the kind of CEO that investors will want to spend $1 million USD to have coffee or champagne with?
6 Nov 2012
BY Zoran Vasiljev
Progressive Singapore companies take the term “customer centricity” from a beautiful slogan to the everyday way of doing business.
5 Nov 2012
BY David R. Hardoon
The topic of COE is unequivocally synonymous with the topic of money.
5 Nov 2012
BY Chris Reed
The often said joke amongst loyalty professionals in Singapore is that every Singaporean resident has 10 credit/bank cards in their wallet/purse – one for every bank in Singapore.
30 Oct 2012
BY Susie Martin
Yet again, the dark clouds of recession loom over the global economy.
20 Aug 2012
BY Simon Hopkins
The institutional investment world is waking up to the reality of the Global Financial Crisis (or GFC) which drags on interminably.
16 Apr 2012
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) ushered in a new era for the Asian capital markets in February by issuing a consultation paper on the proposed regulation of over the counter (OTC) derivatives.
19 Mar 2012
The Monetary Authority of Singapore's proposal to introduce rules for covered bond issuance would be positive for Singaporean banks if enacted, as issuing covered bonds would allow them to potentially diversify their funding base and lengthen their debt maturity profile, Fitch Ratings says.
5 Mar 2012
With all the innovation in technology and business in and around Singapore, as well as new consumer behaviour, it’s sometimes difficult to separate what will shape the future of payments from what is just hype.
5 Mar 2012
Almost every marketer worth their salt measures customer satisfaction and loyalty to their brand, believing it's the key to getting their customers to spend more with them over time.
17 Feb 2012
Is it time for Singapore to adopt a national mobile payments system?
3 Oct 2011
Virtually every activity within an organization in Singapore involves business content.
2 Aug 2011
Last month, accountants and finance professionals from all over Singapore gathered at the ACRA Public Accountants’ Conference “Transitioning from Value Protection to Value Creation” to discuss the latest issues facing the profession.
2 Aug 2011
Following the global financial crisis, organisations are seeking new ways to reduce costs while still retaining their service and corporate governance standards.
21 Jan 2011
Consumers depend on Fidrec, the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre, and its job is to mediate disputes between customers and financial institutions.
15 Nov 2010
“Ultimately, members will look to their pension fund to provide the strategies and products they need for a secure and enjoyable retirement lifestyle.
5 Oct 2010
The global financial crisis has impacted on the margins and risk profile on which many infrastructure project finance business plans were based.
20 Jul 2010
Patricia Pascuzzo explores the many benefits of using 'strategic conversation' and scenario analysis to develop successful portfolio strategies.
20 Jul 2010
Garry Hawker examines some of the latest thinking around risk factors, 'return drivers' and whether they are a more effective means of diversification versus an asset class approach.
19 Feb 2010
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Asia Financial Services Leader Dominic Nixon talks about the Banking Banana Skin Survey 2010 and what bankers in Asia fear the most.
3 Feb 2010
The bottled water industry has figured out how to get to consumers and it’s through their hearts.