Food & Beverage Commentaries

21 Dec 2018
BY Susan Bell
It’s hard to remember a time when people could “shop” off catalogues that came in the mail, or phoned-in to order from a TV shopping program.
9 Feb 2018
BY Neeta Lachmandas
It seems as if queuing is almost part of the Singapore culture – it appears to be that we’re happy to queue for things we know will be worth the wait.
19 Oct 2017
BY Isaac Zhang
To start off: is starting an F&B still a good business for investment in Singapore?
13 Oct 2017
BY Michael Cluzel
Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses have always sought to capitalise on the technology of their time to improve the efficiency of their operations.
21 Nov 2016
BY Andrea Ng
Some time has passed since the Michelin Guide for Singapore was debuted.
22 Aug 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
It was December 2012, and Joyce Koh, Senior Vice President of Brand Development at BreadTalk, was examining the company’s preliminary growth statistics for 2012 with a view to developing its future brand strategy.
26 Jul 2016
BY Gemma Calvert
Singaporeans are crazy about Italian food.
15 Jul 2016
BY Chris Reed
The acclaimed Michelin Guide is being unleashed on an unsuspecting Singapore public on July 21st.
23 Sep 2014
BY Chris Reed
It always amazes me in this day of so much data that the brand owners with the most to gain by using it never do.
14 Jul 2014
BY Ng Ngee Khiang
At first glance, Singapore’s consumer culture presents a rosy climate to budding entrepreneurs venturing into the food and beverage (F&B) and retail industry.
26 Mar 2014
BY Chris Reed
Price is everything when it comes to wine but the recent Singapore budget increase on alcohol in the Republic has pushed up wine prices that were already sky high to stratospherically high.
29 Jan 2014
BY Chu Ho Ting
Recently, visitors to Plaza Singapura can expect to be greeted with long queues in which Singaporeans wait patiently between two to four hours just to savour the latest and newest food craze in town, dim sum.
12 Nov 2013
BY Seth Lui
Singapore has often been known as the food capital of Asia, and the range of cuisines we have in this little country is immensely diverse and vibrant.
4 Jun 2013
BY Eytan Uliel
Find yourself in Singapore on business with a few days to spare?
20 May 2013
BY Seth Lui
Bubble tea was so last year (as well as the last decade).
17 Apr 2013
BY Eric Romero
How hawkers in Singapore treat their customers will make one either come back or forget them.
12 Dec 2012
BY Peter Loh
How often does a Singaporean purchase soup in cans?
4 Dec 2012
BY Peter Loh
Recently I came across an article about a restaurant in China trying a new marketing promotion strategy – allowing customers to “pay any price you want” for all the food and drinks consumed.
1 Jul 2011
In Singapore it’s not unusual to see coffee shops packed at 11pm/12 midnight every night of the week including weekends.