Healthcare Commentaries

13 Mar 2019
BY Lori Stetz, Stella George, Mitesh Patel
In 2018, Singapore emerged as the best place for expatriates to live and work in for the fourth year in a row - no mean feat considering it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to reside in.
14 Feb 2019
BY Abhijit Ghosh and Zubin J Daruwalla
Singapore remains a leader in making healthcare more accessible for its growing pioneer generation.
18 Apr 2018
BY Dr Wai Chiong Loke
Singapore’s ageing population is rising rapidly and elderly healthcare support is top of the government’s agenda with several major steps already taken over the years to minimise the impact on the economy, society and national healthcare expenditure.
24 Oct 2017
BY Karl Hamann
The reality of an ageing workforce is rapidly dawning upon Singapore.
13 Feb 2017
BY Jeffrey Kok
With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a reputation for excellent medical practice, Singapore has a well-deserved reputation for first-class healthcare.
22 Dec 2016
BY Shashank ND
Since gaining its independence a little over half a century ago, Singapore has made giant strides forward and stands out not only within the Southeast Asia region but also the world.
24 Nov 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
By June 2014, Lau Wing Chew, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) of Alexandra Health System (AHS) in Singapore, had implemented several administrative improvements using data analytics.
21 Oct 2016
BY Danny Liao
How would the commercial success of biomedical technology help in the fight against diabetes in Singapore?
29 Mar 2016
BY Andrew Merrilees
At the official opening of Farrer Park Hospital on March 16, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said that as Singapore's population increases in age, the private healthcare sector must offer services at a lower cost to meet their needs.
4 Mar 2016
BY Peter Loh
Wearable devices are now a common affordable consumer gadget, with many brands engaged in intense competition for a piece of the growing market, with increasing pressures on the profit margins.
12 Feb 2016
BY Andrew Merrilees
Now that Medishield Life is well entrenched, do we still need to offer employees an Employee Benefit package?
17 Nov 2014
BY Ron Emerson
Singapore's healthcare industry is evolving rapidly – ageing populations, healthcare reform, and increasing costs are forcing us to do things differently.
24 Oct 2014
BY Joshua Richheimer
Singapore is internationally recognised for having one of the most accessible, modern, and successful healthcare systems.
16 Apr 2014
BY Peter Loh
There has been a lot of debate about the government’s new Medisave Life policy to replace the current Medisave medical and health insurance coverage.
21 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
(In this third part of the article, the major considerations in the design of IoHT are being discussed.
18 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
(Part 1 of this article discusses the emergence of the Internet of (Healthy) Things.
11 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
Small is beautiful, agility is strength, and wireless connectivity is easily accessible in Singapore.
29 Aug 2013
BY Singapore Management University
As the medical tourism movement grew in popularity over the past decade, Vishal Bali has had a front row seat watching the industry flourish in his role as the Group CEO of Fortis Healthcare Limited, a healthcare provider in the Asia Pacific region.
21 May 2013
BY Ray Bond & Danny Yap
Employee benefits appear to be high on the agenda for international employers in Asian and Singapore in particular, looking to recruit the very best.
8 May 2013
BY NUS Business School
Liak Teng Lit wants to shake up the meaning of healthcare.
25 Apr 2013
BY Garrett Weiner
In such a geographically constrained city-state, it’s hard not to notice and hear about the population growth planned for Singapore: from 4.5 million in 2007 when I arrived to 5.3 million by June 2012 with plans for 6.9 million within the next decade.
16 Jan 2013
BY Gemma Calvert
By the end of January, many Singaporeans will be experiencing déjà vu – New Year’s Resolutions broken and dashed, just like this time last year, and particularly with Chinese New Year round the corner.
4 Jan 2013
BY Peter Loh
Singapore healthcare system should be due for a review and reform – changes are required.
19 Oct 2012
BY Michael Brisbane
Have you ever thought that the thing that you spend most of your life with could actually be your enemy not your best friend?
4 Sep 2012
BY Steven Yeo
The Asia Pacific region is set to become the world’s largest mobile market by 2020, with mobile health services representing the largest growth potential across the region.
31 May 2012
BY Mark Dixon
People think about their health a lot these days – and with good reason.
5 Mar 2012
Within a changing marketplace, successful biomedical companies increasingly are broadening their marketing approaches through online patient education initiatives and internet outreach.
1 Dec 2011
I believe Singapore will eventually experience a severe earthquake.