Hotels & Tourism Commentaries

10 Jun 2019
BY Aditya Luthra
The current approach to addressing cyber threats, implemented by corporations in Singapore, is not being communicated effectively enough to its employees.
11 Feb 2019
BY Joon Aun Ooi
Through 2021, Singapore is expected to experience a 3.4% growth in annual visitors as it extends a positive streak from 2014 and 2017 where the tourism industry saw an overall 15.4% increase in international visitor numbers.
11 Jun 2018
BY Arthur Kiong
How did you reserve your most recent hotel booking?
30 Apr 2018
BY Nick Evered
Adoption of new robust digital travel expense and compliance models goes a long way, not only for the rising modern business traveller but also your business  A study commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board- ‘Capturing the Asian Millennial Traveller’- revealed that in the next five years, Singaporean millennial travellers (born between 1981 and 1995) will enter their peak earning and spending years.
30 Jul 2017
BY Joris Angevaare
In Singapore (and the world), the business strategy of hotels is changing—because the way people use hotels is changing.
21 Nov 2016
BY Raymond Lo
According to a recent survey conducted by Market Probe, there are a few key ingredients that really delight guests and keep them coming back to luxury hotels in Singapore.
12 Aug 2016
BY Kimi Jiang
Travel management is a highly specialised business function, and is one of the hardest cost areas to control in a corporation because of its highly fragmented nature; requiring expertise across many sub-categories, geographies and being subjected to the taste and preferences of the business traveler.
1 Apr 2016
BY Todd Arthur
The latest Asian Business Travellers report commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board finds that Asian corporate travellers desire and expect more autonomy.
4 Mar 2016
BY Christine Lim
Singapore as a tourist destination is going through tough times.
6 Dec 2015
BY David Topolewski
As you enter into the CBD from Changi Airport, most visitors, myself included, are amazed at the sheer number of quality hotels that dot Singapore's skyline.
9 Dec 2014
BY Matthew Hulen
According to Singapore's Department for Statistics, there has been a boom in travel spending.
23 Sep 2014
BY Chris Reed
It always amazes me in this day of so much data that the brand owners with the most to gain by using it never do.
4 Sep 2014
BY Tim Hartnoll
Singapore is looking down the barrel of the first overall decline in tourist numbers since 2008—the dawn of the Global Financial Crisis.
31 Jul 2014
BY Antonio Acunzo
The first time I visited Singapore was way back in the mid-'80s.
17 Jun 2013
BY Tim Hartnoll
The recent MasterCard Global Destination Cities index showing Thailand rising to the top of the ranks as a tourist destination is both good and bad for Singapore.
18 Apr 2013
BY Margaret Heng
2012 has been a good year for the Singapore hotel industry.
31 Jul 2012
BY Aaron Wee
Singapore has experienced a surge of anti-foreigner resentment over the past decade leading some media outlets to claim a trend in rising xenophobia.
3 Oct 2011
Work-Life balance. Many of us yearn for the equilibrium in this arena.