Information Technology Commentaries

11 Feb 2021
BY Manish Bahl
Singapore’s 2021 budget is due to be unveiled in less than a month, and all eyes are on the measures to be announced.
8 Jan 2021
BY Lee Chee Meng
With the recent announcement by the Prime Minister, Singapore is soon to cautiously enter the third phase of reopening.
18 Dec 2020
BY Gaurav Srivastava
As consumers increasingly move from their traditional in-store shopping habits to researching, choosing and purchasing products on-line, customer experience has become the mantra for today's marketers.  They strive to reach the customer at every touchpoint along the journey, looking to deliver personalised experiences that will not only close the sale but keep the customer coming back for more.
26 Oct 2020
BY Malina Platon
By Malina Platon, Managing Director, Strategic Accounts, APAC, UiPath Between the pandemic and population shifts, havoc is being wreaked on Asia’s economies.
26 Aug 2020
BY Marjet Andriesse
When COVID-19 struck, people were looking for masks, gloves and toilet paper.
25 Aug 2020
BY Levent Tavsanci
Disruption is not new to Singapore.
20 Aug 2020
BY Justin Loh
Cities around the world including Singapore were laid bare by the pandemic that has forced businesses to start working from home on a massive scale.
13 Aug 2020
BY Edwin Koh
The impact of COVID-19 has been felt in every part of the world.
13 Aug 2020
BY Benjamin Low
The pre-2020 concept of working at the office has been turned on its head.
12 Aug 2020
BY Kevin Fitzgerald
One of the things we take for granted these days is the humble smartphone - it’s easy to forget the full range of its capabilities and features, which only continue to expand every year.
28 Jul 2020
BY Ryan Murray
With cybercriminals capitalising on the COVID-19 pandemic, White Ops’ Ryan Murray argues now is the time to boost community immunity amongst Singaporean businesses.
16 Jul 2020
BY David Koh
David Koh, Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, argues that family-owned businesses risk being left behind if the preconceptions of digital payments aren’t overcome.
22 Jun 2020
BY Ravi Naik
5 Best Practices for a Displaced Workforce.
16 Jun 2020
BY Sheena Chin
As employees continue to work from home at an unprecedented scale, how can corporate IT teams navigate unforeseen data protection challenges?
10 Jun 2020
BY Tim Sprinkle
Online retail giant Amazon recently proved that delivery by drone, known formally as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), is not only possible, but represents the future of last-mile delivery.
22 May 2020
BY Bruce Maslen
When the full magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, trading firms across the Asia-Pacific had to deploy their pre-existing business continuity plans (BCPs) - It has been an eye-opening experience.
21 May 2020
BY Gaurav Belani
Whether it’s due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forward-thinking leadership in modern companies, or simply the millennial workforce’s growing wanderlust, there’s no denying of the fact that remote work is on the rise.
6 May 2020
BY Mark van den Haak
As the commercial rollout of 5G begins in earnest this year, connectivity will undoubtedly increase, with more than 80% of residents owning a smartphone, and internet users spending more than three hours per day on mobile devices.
8 Sep 2014
BY Chai Chin Loon
If you thought that cyber criminals only target big businesses, think again.
2 Jan 2012
In the Era of Social Media, organizations will inevitability find their names mentioned in some blog or internet forum.
2 Jan 2012
Do you think Andy Warhol’s “fifteen minutes” opinion is still valid in this day and age?
1 Sep 2011
I often hear people saying that Linkedin is useless and that, except opening an account and filling up profile for online resumes, they generally don't use it.
1 Sep 2011
Organisations produce a lot of content.
14 Jun 2011
Alex Tan’s trying on a new suit.
1 Jun 2011
In the recent elections, we saw the rise of social media as powerful communications platforms, as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others were used to discuss election issues in public and galvanise the public to vote.
1 Apr 2011
BY Rohit Dadwal
Globally, 2011 is said to be the year of the smartphone.