Information Technology Commentaries

22 May 2019
BY Andrew Tan
Worldwide spending on digital transformation will amount to nearly US$2t in 2022 as organisations spend on technologies and services to effectively compete in the new economy.
24 Apr 2019
BY Suganthi Shivkumar
Companies are increasingly understanding the potential for data to provide information and insights that will improve performance and competitive posture.
28 Mar 2019
BY Bastiaan Toeset
Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of all economies across Asia Pacific, however, technological disruption of industries and the need to innovate and change business models are key challenges that need to be addressed.
25 Mar 2019
BY Albert Kuo
Following recent cyber security breaches, Singapore’s Government has added Digital Defence to the country’s Total Defence framework.
5 Mar 2019
BY Pawan Gandhi
Government policy, a receptive public and innovative segment combine to make Singapore Asia’s burgeoning tech hub.
25 Feb 2019
BY Mike Davie
Chinese New Year has come and gone, and Singapore is getting back to work after the festivities.
11 Feb 2019
BY Jean-Michel Franco
With the global increase in data breaches, like the biggest data fiasco of Facebook and locally the massive cyber attack on SingHealth’s database, the simple question of “Where is my data?” now requires answers that derive from the complex universe of data governance.  In Singapore in particular, the most serious breach of personal data, where 1.5 million SingHealth patients’ records were compromised, prompted the government to beef up its cyber defences whilst it continues with digital transformation as part of the Smart Nation initiative.
30 Jan 2019
BY Tina Chee
When the internal network of a local commodities trading firm was hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in early 2018, the network's performance dropped for several hours and lost millions in daily revenue due to the network performance issue as daily trades came to a standstill.
30 Jan 2019
BY Thorsten Neumann
The recently announced Payment Services Act by the Singapore government seeks to address the balance between supporting the shift to a cashless society, enabling technology companies to run fast and develop innovative new solutions, whilst at the same time protecting the public.
21 Jan 2019
BY Lai Ki Cheng
Singapore’s growing dependence on technology, coupled with the expanding scale of its national digital environment, exposes it to a broad range of sophisticated threats.
8 Jan 2019
BY Roger Lim
A thriving fintech capital, Singapore has always taken a supportive stance on emerging technologies, and its positive inclination towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain is no exception.
15 Nov 2018
BY Calvin Chu Yee Ming
These days, it is hard to avoid the topic of digitalisation when you read any expert commentary, business book, or newspaper headline.
8 Nov 2018
BY Madanjit Singh
Corporate budgets for travel and expenses (T&E) have grown exponentially over the past decade, thanks to the globalisation of trade.
29 Oct 2018
BY Oliver Prevrhal
Singapore is now a prime target for cyber criminals.
18 Oct 2018
BY Laurence Pitt
Being in the epicentre of exchange and commerce means that Singapore must rely on and keep up with technology.
2 Aug 2018
BY Raen Lim
Social media has developed into a mainstream communications channel, which has given rise to today’s empowered consumer.
19 Jul 2018
BY Scott Nelson
Globalisation has undoubtedly bolstered positive economic growth, but the world’s increasing interconnectivity is coming at a high price.
11 Jul 2018
BY Marcus Loh
Unlike its journey from third world to first where model economies abound, Singapore must today boldly chart its own course into an era dubbed by World Economic Forum’s (WEF) chief Dr Klaus Schwab as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  At the turn of the 21st century, the Fourth Industrial Revolution had built on the invention of the computer, semi-conductors and the Internet, fueled by data and digitalisation.
18 Jun 2018
BY Abhijit Shanbhag
Singapore is seeing the possibilities and benefits of adopting smart city initiatives and infrastructures.
23 May 2018
BY Jason Bissell
The pending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already significantly impacting businesses across Asia.
21 May 2018
BY Jigar Bhansali
In today’s landscape of rapid changes and innovative technologies, modern organisations need to take on a new approach that will help them meet the demands of the digital world.
18 May 2018
BY Phil Pomford
The future of travel is social and mobile, and nowhere is this truer than in Singapore, where mobile travel sales have witnessed double-digit growth, outpacing traditional online sales and giving travel businesses a major push to invest in new mobile strategies.
8 May 2018
BY Chris Keshian
Ravi Menon, managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore recently claimed: “I do hope when the fever has gone away, when the crash has happened, it will not undermine the much deeper, and more meaningful technology associated with digital currencies and blockchain." Singapore’s relationship with cryptocurrencies has been a torrid one.
30 Apr 2018
BY Nick Evered
Adoption of new robust digital travel expense and compliance models goes a long way, not only for the rising modern business traveller but also your business  A study commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board- ‘Capturing the Asian Millennial Traveller’- revealed that in the next five years, Singaporean millennial travellers (born between 1981 and 1995) will enter their peak earning and spending years.
13 Apr 2018
BY Frederic Bertholon-Lampiris
The technological evolution unfolding before us is nothing short of extraordinary.
11 Apr 2018
BY Chris Burton
Data privacy has become an increasingly pertinent issue in recent times.
6 Apr 2018
BY Shaun McLagan
In October last year, the Singapore government passed the Infrastructure Protection Bill – laws to improve protection for iconic buildings providing essential services, with failure to do so resulting in fines of up to S$200,000 and jail of up to two years.  The aim is to make critical infrastructure more resilient to the major disruption that could be caused by things like power outages, hardware failures and environmental issues.
26 Mar 2018
BY Siyong Liu
Today, investors are paying increasing attention on how companies are managing digital disruption.
22 Mar 2018
BY Joel Ko Hyun Sik
Many people ask how Singapore can prepare for, and lead in, the era of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of talent and human capital.
9 Mar 2018
BY Hiral Atha
Singapore’s mobile penetration hit a high of ~158% in the first quarter of 2014, but by the third quarter of 2017, it had fallen by 10% to reach ~148%.
5 Mar 2018
BY Charles Ogilvie
Asia, the US and Europe, and in fact all global markets share the same trend towards: “Mobile Agility”.
23 Jan 2018
BY Andrew Au
To emerge as the world’s first crypto-hub, Singapore needs to find the middle ground between ‘crypto is a fraud/Ponzi scheme’ and ‘crypto is the best thing since sliced bread.’ Two announcements from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) made at the end of 2017 defined the challenges cryptocurrencies pose.
5 Dec 2017
BY Charles Ogilvie
What will you see in 2018? Laundry that gets done as you wear it or ordered as it wears out.
3 Oct 2017
BY Gregory Cornelius
Singaporeans, like many others, are concerned that emerging technologies could lead to widespread unemployment and social unrest as humans are replaced in the workforce by automation, artificial intelligence and robots.
27 Sep 2017
BY Clarence Goh
Data that is collected in the business environment can be structured or unstructured.
15 Sep 2017
BY Joel Ko Hyun Sik
Whilst reading two reports from The White House on artificial intelligence (AI) - Preparing for the future of artificial intelligence and Artificial intelligence, automation and the economy - I found that there are common perspectives and attitudes towards AI.
7 Sep 2017
BY David Nagrosst
Hybrid infrastructures utilising cloud technologies are paramount to Singapore’s continued financial dominance in meeting long-term market demands.
11 Aug 2017
BY Effendy Ibrahim
We are well and truly into the year 2017 and many of my peers have been asked similar questions when chatting at forums and industry conferences: what will drive the technology sector in 2017?
30 Jul 2017
BY Ong Kai Kiat
As a business, you would need to be highly productive to succeed in Singapore’s competitive environment.
11 Jul 2017
BY Jeremy Han
Sears, a $55 billion revenue American retailer, with 350,000 staff is predicted to go bankrupt soon.