Information Technology Commentaries

13 Nov 2012
BY G Joslin Vethakumar
A few keystrokes in Singapore are all it takes for consumers to give expression to any dissatisfaction they may have with a company or its products.
5 Nov 2012
BY Lindsay Adams
Heraclitus, the Greek Philosopher is credited with being one of the earliest creative thinkers.
31 Oct 2012
BY John Hayduk
Video has and continues to drive telecoms traffic growth, but the kind of video traffic that is going to strain the network in the future isn’t what you might think… Informa Telecoms & Media’s new report, ‘Congestion up ahead?
26 Oct 2012
BY Philippe Forestier
Most Singapore businesses today recognise that sustainability is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but an absolute necessity in paving the way for the future.
22 Oct 2012
BY Julian Abraham Chua
Cloud applications for the Singapore tech markets have been around for quite some time and with the introduction of smartphones, explosive growth has been taking place.
28 Sep 2012
BY William Klippgen
In the digital age, ideas can be shared by anyone.
28 Sep 2012
BY Shaun Butler
While cloud computing is one of the latest trends in the IT industry, the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service is not that new.
31 Aug 2012
BY Marc Bown
The use of mobile devices is on the rise in Singapore, both amongst end users as well as enterprises.
21 Aug 2012
BY Stephen Ho
Cloud computing has been a recent buzz word among businesses and has been identified as the future technology.
10 Aug 2012
BY Tommi Lampila
Singapore, as an international city and the regional business and financial hub of Asia Pacific, has been inextricably in line with international standards of excellence.
10 Aug 2012
BY Stuart Harman
The range of software solutions on offer to Singaporean companies to assist them in planning their operations continues to grow as vendors increasingly develop industry-tailored solutions, to match the increasing degree of specialisation required by each industry segment.
3 Aug 2012
BY Chris Mead
Global businesses and modern technology are fuelling an increase in remote working across Singapore, which could lead to greater employee satisfaction and lower operating costs.
27 Jul 2012
BY Pri Sandhu
Today’s job market is all the more challenging in Singapore, with employers keen to keep operational costs lean in a generally conservative climate.
27 Jul 2012
BY Tim Harris
What began as a trickle of smartphones, tablets and other mobile consumer devices into the workplace has surged to a flood, with no crest in sight.
23 Jul 2012
BY Samir Dixit
While there is growing advocacy for the importance of intangibles in every country, organisation, and industry segment - big or small, the recently held IP week in Singapore forces you to think that perhaps a lot more needs to be done to establish the importance of the country as an IP destination of choice where organisations and brands of repute can effectively park and manage their IP, most important of which is the brand.
20 Jul 2012
BY Vijoy Varghese
Alignment of business and IT or rather non-alignment is an aspect mauled to shreds.
21 May 2012
BY Ashok Munirathinam
Before the advent of cloud computing, firms were running on-premise software, where operations were slow due to the complexity in managing data and the process of manually transferring data between various systems or people.
11 May 2012
BY Marcus Moufarrige
Business is more mobile than ever before.
4 May 2012
BY David Loke
According to the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum, 95% of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region are SMBs.
20 Apr 2012
Cloud computing continues to occupy the minds of CTOs of large enterprises, but to many SMB owners, it remains a puzzle as many still do not have a clear idea of its business implications, operational benefits and cost-effectiveness.
31 Jan 2012
As the Dragon year commences, Singapore has awakened to the roar of Business Analytics.
2 Jan 2012
In the Era of Social Media, organizations will inevitability find their names mentioned in some blog or internet forum.
2 Jan 2012
Do you think Andy Warhol’s “fifteen minutes” opinion is still valid in this day and age?
1 Sep 2011
I often hear people saying that Linkedin is useless and that, except opening an account and filling up profile for online resumes, they generally don't use it.
1 Sep 2011
Organisations produce a lot of content.
14 Jun 2011
Alex Tan’s trying on a new suit.
1 Jun 2011
In the recent elections, we saw the rise of social media as powerful communications platforms, as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others were used to discuss election issues in public and galvanise the public to vote.
1 Apr 2011
BY Rohit Dadwal
Globally, 2011 is said to be the year of the smartphone.