Leisure & Entertainment Commentaries

6 Aug 2018
BY Chris Reed
When does Singapore feel proud of their sports stars and realise the amazing economic potential of them?
9 Jan 2018
BY Michael James Rich
E-sports are capturing the attention of sports and gaming fans like never before.
16 Dec 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
It was January 2014, and Shailash Naik, CEO of MatchMove Global Pte Ltd was pleased.
19 Aug 2016
BY Tan Jian Xiang
Ever since its launch, Pokémon Go has been a major trend for businesses in Singapore – not just its players.
10 Aug 2016
BY Julian Chow
None of these involve placing Lures.
29 Jul 2016
BY Marcus Loh
In the past decade, Singapore has played host to many high-profile events such as the annual Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, the BNP Paribas Women's Tennis Association Finals Singapore, as well as the World Rugby Sevens series in 2016.
27 Apr 2016
BY Chris Reed
The Sports Hub in Singapore was built at a vast cost of at least $1.3 billion with a promise of a packed program of concerts, sports events, and community events.
25 Jun 2014
BY Jacky Tan
World Cup has attracted billions of viewers worldwide; even for a non-soccer fanatic like me, checking out the games’ highlights and the results has somehow become a “daily ritual” for me during this period of time.
30 May 2014
BY Chris Reed
Is the World Cup in danger of passing Singapore by?
24 Feb 2014
BY Chris Reed
When the first Singaporean armed forces coming of age film “Ah Boys To Men” hit the cinemas and was instantly a monster success it genuinely resonated with Singaporeans.
29 Jan 2014
BY Jacky Tan
Recently I read the news about this guy who owns a Porsche supercar; he made some impolite remarks on social media saying that the commuters in our local transport are poor people; he also mentioned about the "stench" in our public transport (I was like 'Huh?').
13 Nov 2013
BY Luka Lalic
In every country, football fans enjoy a good complain – and Singapore is no different!
10 Sep 2013
BY Singapore Management University
It’s difficult to make a profitable movie on the tiny Singapore market.
22 May 2013
BY Luka Lalic
As the 2012/13 European football season comes to an end, the hype around the English Premier League, the Serie A, the German Bundesliga, and the Spanish La Liga has dominated headlines.
17 May 2013
BY Chris Reed
Spotify has finally come to Singapore!
15 May 2013
BY Dr André Richelieu
In my previous column, I emphasized the importance of the quality and consistency of the fan experience at a sporting venue.
3 May 2013
BY Dr André Richelieu
“Sport is one of the few social activities of human beings that can be recognised in virtually every community and culture around the globe as a vehicle for bringing people together” (Allen et al., 2010, p.
21 Mar 2013
BY Luka Lalic
This is not a piece of commentary about Budget 2013—but in the context of elite sport, community development, and football—it is encouraging that sport participation is becoming an increasingly important part of daily life.
14 Feb 2013
BY Gemma Calvert
If past surveys are anything to go by, well over 60% of Singaporeans will be rushing out to buy their sweethearts and loved ones gifts this Valentines’ Day.
31 Jan 2013
BY Eytan Uliel
Not sure of how best to see in the Year of the Snake?
14 Jan 2013
BY Kelvin Chung
Why learn to dress up in Singapore?
21 Dec 2012
BY Eytan Uliel
Find parades and floats a bit ho-hum?
14 Dec 2012
BY Eytan Uliel
Who cares if Singapore is hot and tropical?
13 Dec 2012
BY Chris Jordan
If anyone has ever doubted the powerful influence of sport on a nation’s confidence, then the Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Open and Youth Olympic Games should silence skeptics.
5 Dec 2012
BY Eytan Uliel
Have a long-layover in Singapore?
25 Sep 2012
BY Chris Reed
Singapore has a new radio station, Kiss 92.
7 Sep 2012
BY Ian Bahri
It has been said that a hungry man is an angry man; now imagine a hungry nation and the types of emotions that stir in their bellies upon hearing their others are laying claim on their favourite dishes.
24 Aug 2012
BY Justin Harper
The Grand Prix rolls into town next month and among the clouds of smoke will be one of uncertainty over the sport’s future presence in the city.
17 Aug 2012
BY Nanny Eliana
A very experienced editor of a weekly news magazine once told me over dinner, "You can't make writers.
10 Aug 2012
BY Evan Roberts
From an operational perspective, the home computer had a profound effect on the local music and recording industry.
30 Jul 2012
BY Dan Richardson
Singapore’s two new casino resorts are no strangers to controversy.
27 Jul 2012
BY Mark Chew
Leaders need to be creative and seek inspiration from particularly any source.
27 Jul 2012
BY Jonas Wulff Moller
“I am a service-provider.” Was my answer when asked at a retail conference, if I was a “distributor or retailer”.
27 Jul 2012
BY Suresh Shah
However grown up, there is child in us ever alive!
26 Jul 2012
BY Dr. Granville D' Souza
“You see, in life, lots of people who know what to do, but few people actually do what they know.
26 Jul 2012
BY Paul Fitzpatrick
Much today is said about culture.
20 Jul 2012
BY Paul Fitzpatrick
Prostitution in Singapore is legal, but various prostitution-related activities are not.
6 Jul 2012
BY Jonas Wulff Moller
As my profession revolves around luxury brand strategies, I have often asked myself and my friends “what is the best customer service you have ever experienced?” I can list many single fantastic customer experiences such as when I lost my American Express in Spain and it was replaced within 15 hours (including cash in local currency), or when a staff member at Six Sense turned off the internet-access in my villa because “one shouldn’t be working on one’s birthday”.
22 Jun 2012
BY Jon Golding
British expats live and travel to some very exotic places in connection with work or leisure.
15 Jun 2012
BY Larissa Murphy
As a small city state Singapore has managed to build an excellent reputation, it is perceived by the entire world as clean, safe and efficient, most cities can only dream of such an image.