Markets & Investing Commentaries

13 Aug 2019
BY Kiran Pudi and Andrea Maessen
"Asian markets and customers are much too price sensitive!" "We are experiencing 20%+ growth.
10 Nov 2017
BY Roger Chen
For many Singaporeans, our passions go well beyond our day jobs – and turning them into viable business ventures has never been easier.
27 Oct 2017
BY Dr. Sam Choon-Yin and Renton Yap
Want to be a budding entrepreneur, but not sure how to start?
21 Aug 2017
BY Collin Seow
The world of finance is huge and complex.
16 Jul 2017
BY Kim Iskyan
Every day, investors are becoming more and more nervous.
25 Jan 2017
BY Kim Iskyan
If history is any guide, under US President Donald Trump, Singapore’s stock market won’t post returns worth writing home about… until 2019.
16 Jan 2017
BY Roger Crook
Against the current background of Brexit and the US elections, low yields have somewhat become a problem for savers and retirees of this generation.
8 Jan 2017
BY Ong Kai Kiat
2016 had been a year of surprises; conventional wisdom had been turned on its head.
16 Dec 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
History repeats itself… especially in the world of investing.
2 Nov 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
If you own an ETF that tracks Singapore's STI, some bonds, and an Asia Pacific unit trust, you might think your portfolio is diversified.
15 Sep 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
In Singapore and across the world, interest rates are at all-time lows.
8 Sep 2016
BY Zen Alldredge
There are many factors to consider when looking to invest-in or start-up a business, particularly in the Singapore financial markets.
31 Aug 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
Singapore consumers are feeling pretty low.
8 Aug 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
With uncertainties like Brexit and the world’s growing debt load battering financial markets, investors need to own assets with real value… like gold.
4 Jul 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
For much of the past two decades, you'd have done better putting your money in a shiny inert metal, than investing in the STI.
29 Jun 2016
BY Istvan Loh
With the real estate market in a downturn, can REITs be far behind?
23 Jun 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
Every investor should own dividend-paying assets – and the Singapore stock market represents a great opportunity to do that right now.
27 May 2016
BY Kim Iskyan
In recent years, Singapore's stock market has been a good place to lose money.
18 May 2016
BY Istvan Loh
New share offerings by companies in Southeast Asia have been at a low this year.
27 Apr 2016
BY Sean Tan
Over the past six months, Australia's property market trends have had investors, including those in Singapore, rethinking their plans.
8 Mar 2016
BY Jarrad Brown
“If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.” - Warren Buffett With recent volatility in global financial markets, and particularly locally here in Singapore, it is little wonder that we are seeing investor nerves sky-rocketing.
15 Feb 2016
BY Istvan Loh
The US economy is doing well and the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time in almost a decade in a bid to tighten money supply.
5 Feb 2016
BY Istvan Loh
Most analysts are bearish on the short-term prospects of the Singapore dollar.
28 Jan 2016
BY Dominic Gamble
To make their money grow, Singaporean investors should keep an eye on the headlines, but avoid knee-jerk reactions.
5 Nov 2015
BY Marcus Ho
Just a few weeks ago, Pirate3D made headlines, with reports saying that the company has hit a major cashflow issue and has only delivered 40% of orders.
6 Oct 2015
BY Istvan Loh
If you are a follower of financial news, you would have noticed there's a major lack of 'good news' in the markets recently.
15 Sep 2015
BY Mohamed Nasser Ismail
Small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of our economy.
24 Aug 2015
BY Istvan Loh
A slew of property cooling measures introduced by the Singapore government over the last few years have taken a toll in the Singapore property market.
10 Aug 2015
BY Mike Buffini
When it comes to investments, Singaporeans have traditionally been wedded to their property market – purchasing property not just as a home, but an investment.
27 Jul 2015
BY Peter Yu
With two Integrated Resorts, numerous lotteries, non-casino gaming machines, betting and offshore gaming websites, it is no wonder that Singaporeans are the second biggest gamblers in the world - losing US$1,174 (double that of third place Canada).
20 Jul 2015
BY Chris Gill
When investment professionals and individual pension investors start investing, they are inadvertently exposing themselves to the strange and interesting world of behavioural finance.
6 Jun 2015
BY Jean Chong & Alexandre Kech
Different languages. Different market practices.
5 Jun 2015
BY Jarrad Brown
Singapore's interest in Australian assets has been growing for many years given the proximity, stability, and well-regarded educational institutions.
15 Apr 2015
BY Derren Joseph
Earlier this week, it was reported that a group of 30 Singaporeans who lost their investment in United Kingdom real estate projects were suing the lawyers who had represented them in the venture.
9 Apr 2015
BY Raymond Foo
In recent months, it has been tough for one to avoid reading articles that highlight the rising Singapore Interbank Borrowing Offer Rate (SIBOR).
10 Feb 2015
BY Raymond Foo
The growing volatility in currency is probably one of the top concerns for Singapore businesses with overseas operation.
3 Feb 2015
BY Chris Comer
Given the current status of the residential property market both here in Singapore and in China, 2015 will see investors continue to shift towards commercial real estate markets, such as hotel investments, outside of Singapore.
23 Sep 2014
BY Getty Goh & Joanna Chia
In the last few months, the crowdfunding movement has been gaining momentum in Asia and more people are becoming aware of the potential that crowdfunding has.
6 May 2014
BY Rajesh Yohannan
As Japan continues to try to claw its way out of 20 years of deflation and stagnation, Singaporean investors would be wise to be vigilant to the reverberations the world’s third-largest economy has on the Singapore dollar and other asset classes.
26 Mar 2014
BY Raymond Foo
With Janet Yellen as the new leader at Federal Reserve, investors are looking for clearer direction on the course of Fed’s action.