Media & Marketing Commentaries

28 May 2019
BY William Gilchrist
One of the most important departments, if not the most important, of every firm is the sales team.
2 Nov 2018
BY Timothy Gan and Prashant Saxena
On the whole, Singapore has a high (84%) penetration of internet users (4.83M), with 83% (4.8M users) who are on social media, and 95% of these social media users accessing social media sites daily.
28 Aug 2018
BY Marcus Loh
In a world plagued with a deficit of dependency, Singapore reaffirmed the relevance and usefulness of its nation-brand by proving how it can be counted upon as a friend to all.
9 May 2018
BY Marcus Loh
Just as Singapore is benefiting from the invisible hand of technology, we have also ushered an era of data ubiquity where anyone – from the CEO to the intern, from professor to the student – can use that data for smarter decision-making.
19 Apr 2018
BY Murali Jetti
For most Singaporeans, our homes will be one of the biggest expenses we'll ever take on in our lives, whether it's a resale/BTO flat, condo or landed property.
5 Mar 2018
BY Charles Ogilvie
Asia, the US and Europe, and in fact all global markets share the same trend towards: “Mobile Agility”.
1 Feb 2018
BY Jacky Tan
It was during one fine day in my trip at East Coast Park, when I decided to use a bike sharing app for the first time.   I thought I was a loyal customer to a local bicycle rental kiosk at the park where I would pay $8 for a two-hour ride.
18 Jan 2018
BY Chris Reed
Zero budget marketing took hold in Singapore in 2017 and will run rampant in 2018.
19 Dec 2017
BY Jacky Tan
The two morning SMRT train faults on 15 Nov 2017 will make anyone want to find out the reasons why problems continue to exist regularly for the brand.   At a press interview in October 2017, the CEO took full responsibility for the many past failures of SMRT's train services.
3 Oct 2017
BY Kristy Castleton
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become the latest buzzword in Singapore.
6 Sep 2017
BY Kristy Castleton
From AR to VR and everything in between, technology has come a long way beyond a stand alone entertainment technology for future-seeking geeks in Singapore.
21 Aug 2017
BY Marcus Loh
Recently, I was invited to join a speaking panel at a marketing summit in Singapore to deliver on the theme: “Branding: How to make your brand ‘a verb’”.
23 Jan 2017
BY Neil Brennan
It is obvious that social media has changed the entire dynamics of crisis communications – from the way professionals work, engage with our communities, and communicate ideas.
16 Jan 2017
BY Ted Chong
We all know the importance of staying ahead of the curve in business and not going in the footsteps of companies such as Nokia, Kodak, Borders, etc.
22 Nov 2016
BY Roger Chen
With disruption highlighted as the defining challenge for Singapore's economy, small business owners can no longer rely on traditional brick-and-mortar stores for their survival.
11 Nov 2016
BY Tyler Greer
Recognising data as a resource similar to traditional resources like water and energy can give Singapore a competitive advantage and propel the country to become a key player in the global digital economy.
7 Nov 2016
BY Chris Reed
One of the things I love most about Singapore is the ease of networking.
7 Nov 2016
BY Jayanth Narasimha & Prashant Saxena
Minister for Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, recently spoke on how retailers need to start thinking of omni-channels (including online sales and mobile applications) to stay relevant.
10 Oct 2016
BY Andrea Olivato
In many cases of popular consumer brands, sales were doing amazing in the '90s and early 2000s, without much proactive effort on their part.
29 Sep 2016
BY Liyana Stuart
I've met hundreds of SMEs and business owners… I've seen some rise and I've seen some fall.
22 Sep 2016
BY Jayanth Narasimha & Prashant Saxena
Last week on Thursday (15 September 2016), leading trade associations, companies, publishers, and agency groups announced "The Coalition for Better Ads".
19 Aug 2016
BY Tan Jian Xiang
Ever since its launch, Pokémon Go has been a major trend for businesses in Singapore – not just its players.
15 Jul 2016
BY Ted Chong
HungryGoWhere, Green Book, PropertyGuru – what comes to mind with these websites? While they all belong to different industries, there is a commonality between them.
5 Jul 2016
BY Adam Flinter
The concept of social commerce isn't a new one.
7 Jun 2016
BY Elaine Seah
Social media influencers are key stakeholders in the broad scheme of marketing and communications.
26 May 2016
BY Zoë Lawrence
Last April Facebook Messenger announced the introduction of chatbots, presenting a major opportunity for businesses in Singapore and beyond which are looking to connect with their customers on a more personal level.
23 Feb 2016
BY Jacky Tan
With the recent publicity stunt gone wrong by NTUC income's "retirement planning announcement" from a Singapore actress and also the past "bad taste" publicity stunts in Singapore such as the "Ulu Pandan Bear Scare" by Philips, the "Raffles Place Army Platoon" by the National Geographic Channel, or the "Vandalised Post Boxes" by SingPost, I bet many marketing managers in Singapore may be scratching their heads and thinking if publicity stunts are worth trying.
16 Feb 2016
BY Imran Mohamad
This is the age of disruption.
3 Dec 2015
BY Vicky Skipp
Digital has disrupted the traditional ways of conducting business, especially so for sales.
28 Sep 2015
BY Jon Foged
Singaporeans are one of the most active populations on social media, using on average four platforms daily.
3 Jul 2015
BY Jacky Tan
Content marketing may seem like the upcoming buzz in Singapore and Asian marketing landscape; however, for most businesses in Singapore and Asia, they may not realise that they are already doing some form of content marketing.
28 May 2015
BY Louise Reid
With preparations for the big day in full swing, it seems that the little red dot is practically everywhere – even gracing special edition sardine cans!
15 Apr 2015
BY Callum Laing
As Singaporean businesses close the first quarter and charge into the second, it is worth a quick reflection.
1 Apr 2015
BY Chris Comer
When it comes to marketing to ultra-high net worth consumers, the game is changing.
18 Mar 2015
BY Jacky Tan
Recently, news came viral online about a local marketing agency for a large telecommunications giant which had engaged in an unethical smearing campaign to create non-genuine complaints in order to badmouth the competitors of the telecommunications giant.
25 Feb 2015
BY Matthew Hulen
Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the last few years, and with it, the way marketers talk to consumers.
20 Feb 2015
BY Jeremy Gray
For the last twenty years the youth market has been the chosen target for many companies pursuing growth strategies.
17 Feb 2015
BY Jacky Tan
You see them work on their laptops at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, libraries and most of the time when you don't get to see them, they are working at home.
4 Feb 2015
BY Kaushal Bhalotia
It is not news that online media consumption in Singapore is amongst the highest in the world with its smartphone and broadband penetration.
28 Jan 2015
BY Paul Tenney
Email marketing is an absolute necessity in the modern world of digital advertising.