Residential Property Commentaries

1 Feb 2018
BY Paul Ho
There is much talk about the Federal reserve rate hike.
11 Oct 2017
BY Alexander Knight
Singaporeans love overseas property.
15 Sep 2017
BY Rhonda Wong
Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, worth over US$200 trillion.
14 Feb 2017
BY Centre for Management Practice
The government is sending a clear signal that in the long haul, stringent entry requirements are needed to be a property agent.
22 Aug 2016
BY Sean Tan
Amid the uncertainty of Brexit and the slowing real estate sector here in Singapore, emerging markets like Vietnam are a promising investment destination for Singapore’s property investors. The country is also becoming more popular among Singaporeans.
22 Jun 2016
BY Istvan Loh
The gloom in the property market is all-pervasive.
26 May 2016
BY Istvan Loh
According to a report released recently by Savills, a global real estate service provider, the Singapore property market has recorded its lowest quarterly investment sales since 2009.
11 May 2016
BY Istvan Loh
Real estate prices rose by almost 80 percent in Singapore between 2008 and 2013.
27 Apr 2016
BY Sean Tan
Over the past six months, Australia's property market trends have had investors, including those in Singapore, rethinking their plans.
8 Jan 2016
BY Sean Tan
The Malaysian property market has traditionally been a hotspot for Singaporean property investors.
3 Nov 2015
BY Alexander Knight
With prices in central London on the slide, albeit, a gradual one, central London is losing its shine.
18 Oct 2015
BY Alan Loader
The rising wealth of Asia Pacific nations, including Singapore, means more and more people have looked internationally for opportunities to invest in overseas property markets.
24 Aug 2015
BY Istvan Loh
A slew of property cooling measures introduced by the Singapore government over the last few years have taken a toll in the Singapore property market.
19 Jun 2015
BY Alexander Knight
Since the unexpected outright victory by the Conservative party last month, the London property market has started accelerating like never before.
20 May 2015
BY Sean Tan
To most Singaporeans, Thailand is synonymous with the idea of a fantastic tropical holiday.
12 Mar 2015
BY Sean Tan
Residential property in the United Kingdom (UK) is and always has been attractive for Singaporean investors.
6 Mar 2015
BY Alexander Knight
Singaporean investors looking for a savvy investment should take a good look at Manchester now that it has outstripped London as the best place to invest in UK property.
6 Jan 2015
BY Sean Tan
Sun, beaches, surfing, adventure – these are the first images that come to mind when you think of Australia; now imagine living there!
5 Jan 2015
BY Alexander Knight
Property is one of the safest investments anyone can make.
10 Oct 2014
BY Sean Tan
Against the backdrop of high property prices in Singapore, a hike in stamp duty, and loan limits on second homes, combined with tough rules restricting foreigners from buying homes, many Singapore-based property investors are looking at opportunities outside the island state, in search of solid capital appreciation and rental yield.
28 Aug 2014
BY Alexander Knight
Indonesia conjures up idyllic memories of gorgeous villas and people relaxing around plunge pools surrounded by frangipani while eating mangosteen - all set against vistas of Balinese rice-terraces and white beaches.
20 Aug 2014
BY Alexander Knight
In the 1960s, the Philippines was more advanced than Korea and large swathes of war ravaged Japan, but years of corruption and mismanagement took their toll on this beautiful archipelago and it became known as the ‘sick man of Southeast Asia.’ Today this once sleepy tiger is in the midst of cleaning up its act and is remembering how to roar.
15 Aug 2014
BY Alexander Knight
With Singapore property prices on the slide amid stringent cooling measures, Singaporeans are looking elsewhere to invest their hard earned money.
20 Jun 2014
BY Sean Tan
Investing in Singapore property has become a bit of a wait-and-see affair, following the implementation of a variety of cooling measures.
29 Jan 2014
BY Alexander Knight
Somewhat startling news came out of Singapore’s own PropertyGuru this January - and was rapidly followed up by this verenerable organ - a new report claims that Singapore private property prices are expected to drop between 6-8% in 2014.  The outlook is even worse for HDB (Housing Development Board) owners – with an expected 8-11 percent slide in HDB resale prices.
6 Aug 2013
BY Alexander Knight
10 Laos No one can own land in Laos, but land-use rights are possible (up to 75 years, or 50 years for companies).
31 May 2013
BY Singapore Management University
The catch phrase “location, location, location” is often cited by the real estate industry as crucial to closing a deal.
31 May 2013
BY Alexander Knight
With the property market becoming somewhat Arctic in Singapore (and Hong Kong for that matter), Singaporeans are looking elsewhere to find that most desirable places to live.
31 May 2013
BY Alexander Knight
Have you ever considered capitalising on the wealth in Singapore but have shied away due to the high price of property, then we have an idea: invest in property where Singaporeans take their holidays.
8 May 2013
BY Susan Teo
Less than a decade old, SIBOR- and SOR-linked home mortgages appeared in the Singapore's banking landscape only in 2007; after a series of complaints from frustrated borrowers over the erratic changes in the rates of their loans.
1 May 2013
BY Susan Teo
Given global and local economic uncertainties, it is more imperative than ever to save monies on your mortgage, particularly when it is such a huge financial commitment.
26 Apr 2013
BY Alexander Knight
Just across the water, north-west of Singapore, a new metropolis is taking shape.
23 Apr 2013
BY Susan Teo
With the latest round of cooling measures - the 7th since 2009- instituted on 12 January 2013, demand for residential properties could soften.
17 Apr 2013
BY Susan Teo
This article provides some pointers when choosing a home loan during a low interest rate climate, particularly in Singapore.
1 Apr 2013
BY Susan Teo
From Figure 1 and 2, we can see that the prices of both resale HDB flats and private residential properties have been steadily rising since the later half of the 2000s to reach new heights, not seen in the last 20 years or so.
10 Oct 2012
BY Sean Tan
With the US and European economies still adjusting to the recent drop in domestic property values, experts are already wondering if a similar scenario is due to hit Singapore in the next couple years.
5 Oct 2012
BY Getty Goh
Pricey Housing Development Board (HDB) resale flats seem to be a hot topic among Singaporeans these days.
13 Jul 2012
BY James Harrison
Over dinner the other night some chaps at the other end of the table were discussing how clever they had been with their Singapore property investments, my end of the table was discussing the latest mall opening so I carried on nodding but turned my attention back to these savvy-investors...
22 Jun 2012
BY Ong Kah Seng
Developers’ launches met with slower sales The developer launches in May 2012 were however met with average buyers’ interest, a slow from the tremendous take-up in April.
15 Jun 2012
BY Ong Kah Seng
Significant Land for Residential Development Released In mid-June, the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced the second half 2012 (2H2012) GLS Programme List sites.