Residential Property Commentaries

20 Apr 2012
The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) released the flash estimates for prices of private residential properties in 1Q 2012 in early April.
8 Mar 2012
Mixed Signals in Sales Activity 2011 ended with December having the least monthly number of private residential units that were sold by developers in the past 2 years.
20 Feb 2012
A Close-to-Heart Investment Becomes Heavy Residential properties have always been very close to heart of many investors.
31 Jan 2012
With the current headwinds from the western part of the world and the latest set of cooling measures implemented in December 2011, the Singapore residential property market is likely to moderate in the short term, with some procrastination in homebuyers’ decision and possibly an evident downward re-pricing of residential properties.
2 Jan 2012
BY Ong Kah Seng
The desire for owning private residential properties have been so overwhelming in recent years especially in 2011 where the set of government property cooling measures implemented in January 2011 did not completely rein homebuyers’ optimism.
1 Dec 2011
Nothing beats than having a place to call your own, this has been an entrenched Asian mindset, especially in the context of land scarce cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, where having a place is a luxury but ironically, also an essential.
1 Nov 2011
Although homebuyers are increasingly knowledgeable, savvy and discerning, particularly with the influx of property information available as pre purchase references, there are still some who will ‘wake up’ after signing on the dotted line.
4 Oct 2011
More than half a year since the last round of direct private residential property cooling measures were implemented in January, private home-buying interest seem to have been moderated and probably, optimism has become a thing of the past.