Retail Commentaries

25 Jun 2018
BY Jason Hill
China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba ran its first global course in Singapore earlier this year.
15 May 2018
BY Chen Yongchang
Technology has changed the way retail is presented to its customers, so what do brands need to do to keep their customers happy?  The changing retail landscape The ubiquity of mobile technology has been a long time coming.
6 Apr 2018
BY Fred Roeder
Consumers’ right to choose among different brands and regulators’ intent to control our consumptions clash more often than would think.
9 Mar 2018
BY Abhijeet Vijayvergiya
With a high rate of mobile penetration and the proliferation of e-commerce sites in Singapore, more and more millennials are buying online.
9 Oct 2017
BY Robert Bourque
Singapore’s food and beverage market is currently estimated at US$108 million1, with major beverage companies expanding their product portfolios to cater to the growing popularity of fruit juices, ready-to-drink teas, energy drinks and beer.
27 Sep 2017
BY Declan Ee
As Singapore continues to embrace the mobile-centric economy, the way consumers interact with retailers is rapidly changing from traditionally shopping at storefronts, to e-commerce, and now to New Retail - retail experience brought alive by the integration of offline, online, logistics, and data across a single value chain.
11 Aug 2017
BY Bill Lewis
I would contend that in the context of retail, the aptly named store in Seattle, Amazon Go, means “Go,” not just for the customer but for thousands of people employed in the retail industry.
27 Jul 2017
BY Erich Gerber
“Physical retail is dead!”—open any news publication and you’re likely to find a similar headline.
12 Dec 2016
BY Patrick Young
The array of Christmas lights along Orchard Road this year is incredibly beautiful and adds onto the festivity.
15 Sep 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
In August 2014, Cher Kwang Siong, the managing director of Kheng Keng Auto (KKA), had to deal with several issues facing the firm.
19 Aug 2016
BY Tan Jian Xiang
Ever since its launch, Pokémon Go has been a major trend for businesses in Singapore – not just its players.
10 Aug 2016
BY Julian Chow
None of these involve placing Lures.
15 Apr 2016
BY Ian Homer
An irresistible phenomenon has been looming large over all developed countries and, given the size of Singapore, its effects are likely to be felt very sharply here over the next few years.
11 Dec 2015
BY Fabio Trabucchi
It's unsurprising that Singaporeans are exceptionally good at shopping.
2 Oct 2015
BY Gemma Calvert
Singaporeans are fortunate. Despite being in the top 15 busiest airports in the world, Changi Airport is a shining example of efficiency, comfort, and style.
25 Sep 2015
BY Anika Nafis & Prashant Saxena
Increasing migration and wealth have been major trends in Singaporean economy over the last decade.
7 Sep 2015
BY Calvin Chu Yee Ming
Singapore's retail sector has been slowing down in the past two years, and retail rents are starting to be affected in line with the steady decline in occupancy rates.
28 Aug 2015
BY Katie Ewer
In July, British retail giant Tesco announced it would delist all fruit drinks with added sugars from their shelves, and sell only 'no added sugar' variants.
15 Jul 2015
BY Goh Weiying
It is no secret that Singaporeans are amongst the most voracious shoppers in South-East Asia.
14 Jul 2015
BY Chris Reed
The other day I wanted to go to Kallang Leisure Park for some shopping but the taxi driver said that with the NDP rehearsals on that I should try another mall.
24 Jun 2015
BY Ingrid Sidiadinoto
With the Great Singapore Sale in full swing, and an e-commerce industry projected to reach SGD4.4 billion this year, retailers and e-tailers around town are battling it out to capture those shopping dollars.
19 Jun 2015
BY Prashant Saxena
Hop in the MRT, open your Asos or Carousell app and start shopping.
8 Apr 2015
BY Eli Schwartz
Loyalty programs are a great source of Big Data for retailers, and in a poll conducted in 2013, 91% of Singaporeans said they were more likely to shop at retailers that offered loyalty programs.
1 Apr 2015
BY Chris Comer
When it comes to marketing to ultra-high net worth consumers, the game is changing.
15 Jan 2015
BY Ray Crook
Go into any supermarket or retailer in Singapore and you will be faced with shelf upon shelf of new products trying to catch your attention: new flavours, added vitamins, or easier packaging.
14 Jul 2014
BY Ng Ngee Khiang
At first glance, Singapore’s consumer culture presents a rosy climate to budding entrepreneurs venturing into the food and beverage (F&B) and retail industry.
8 Jul 2014
BY Shingo Okamoto
In Singapore, many established retail brands have felt the sting of rising costs and falling profits.
30 Jun 2014
BY Deepesh Trivedi
The annual GSS (Great Singapore Sale) is in full swing right now.
22 May 2014
BY Prashant Saxena
Elsie Chan (not her real name) is a 34 year-old true-blue Singaporean.
28 Apr 2014
BY David Coleman
Singaporeans love to shop!
21 Mar 2014
BY Maximilian Bittner
Much has been made of the surprisingly slow rate that Singapore has embraced e-commerce.
17 Mar 2014
BY David Coleman
Social Commercial or sCommerce as it is known is the next big digital sales tool in Singapore.
10 Dec 2013
BY George Christopoulos & Sean Fitzgerald
Singaporean consumers are bombarded with innovative products and as such they have become more discerning.
11 Nov 2013
BY Prashant Saxena
Having control (even the perception of it) is a funny thing.
16 Oct 2013
BY Greg Moore
Singapore has a unique culture when it comes to sales.
9 Oct 2013
BY Prashant Saxena
Dear Luxury, Your exclusivity is being traded for profits.
21 Aug 2013
BY Stefano Augello
There are two ways to predict the future: the first one is to turn to the experts and trust their wisdom; the second is to look at the gap between what people expect and what they’re able to do, and see in it the shape of things to come.
21 Aug 2013
BY Anthony Koh
Prologue will close its store this Friday with a surprise move to revive Borders which had since closed down in 2011.
6 Aug 2013
BY Chris Reed
Popular Books are bizarrely opening a new Borders store in Singapore only 2 years after the store crashed and burned and had to close all their stores not just locally but globally.
5 Jun 2013
BY Chris Mead
Succession planning is something that all businesses should be thinking about.