Telecom & Internet Commentaries

4 Apr 2019
BY Tom Luke
For Singaporeans, there’s never been a better time to own a smartphone.
27 Oct 2017
BY David Nagrosst
As our network and system infrastructures get more complex, so are the ways hackers infiltrate them.
3 Oct 2017
BY Aditi Kohli
Mobile data usage in Singapore has seen a steady increase in the last three years - from 7.91 petabytes in 2014 to over 13.31 petabytes in 2017.
23 Jul 2017
BY Ong Kai Kiat
According to the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), only 30% of Singaporean businesses are on the cloud and they reported higher productivity growth.
12 Jul 2017
BY Karthik Venkatakrishnan
We know, we know.
7 Nov 2016
BY Erik Rasmussen
In the beginning, telcos fixed rates between inbound and outbound calls, with a little extra if such calls were needed to connect overseas.
13 Sep 2016
BY Tan Jian Xiang
The bids are in, with MyRepublic, TPG Telecom, and airYotta contending for the position of Singapore's fourth telco.
5 Aug 2016
BY James Tay
Every day you read of companies moving their business online and embarking on some form of change.
24 Jun 2015
BY Ingrid Sidiadinoto
With the Great Singapore Sale in full swing, and an e-commerce industry projected to reach SGD4.4 billion this year, retailers and e-tailers around town are battling it out to capture those shopping dollars.
19 Jun 2015
BY Prashant Saxena
Hop in the MRT, open your Asos or Carousell app and start shopping.
7 Jan 2015
BY Poshu Yeung
The Internet and social media have played a big part in changing how content is created, distributed, and consumed.
5 Dec 2014
BY Joyce Chee
With technology advancing every day, eventually everything we use will be "smart".
5 Dec 2014
BY Raj Dhamodharan
Singapore is the world's hotbed of digital adoption.
17 Nov 2014
BY Evan Tan
Singaporean entrepreneurs, take heed--this is where global businesses are spending their money.
3 Nov 2014
BY Patrick French
In many ways, Singapore sits in an enviable position in regards the rapidly growing aeronautical and maritime satellite communications segment.
19 Sep 2014
BY Bruce Downing
As we all know, Singapore is the second biggest adopter of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend (90 percent of Singapore businesses have accepted this practice in the workplace), after South Korea (93 percent) and followed by China and Taiwan (88 percent), according to iPass, a global Wi-Fi services provider, in its 2013 Global Mobile Workforce Report.
27 May 2014
BY Angel Kuan
Almost everyone I know in Singapore has bought something online.
8 Apr 2014
BY Mark Jansen & Tan Shong Ye & Fridah Mugambi
In Singapore’s quest to be recognised as a global digital hub and as companies here continue to embrace the developments that the digital age brings, the issue of trust becomes imperative.
21 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
(In this third part of the article, the major considerations in the design of IoHT are being discussed.
18 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
(Part 1 of this article discusses the emergence of the Internet of (Healthy) Things.
11 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
Small is beautiful, agility is strength, and wireless connectivity is easily accessible in Singapore.
4 Mar 2014
BY Oliver Tian
Today, Internet-of-Things (IoT) has progressed as a novel paradigm which bridges the gap between the worlds of the virtual internet and the real objects.
28 Feb 2014
BY Bruce Downing
Globally, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers have seen rising adoption rates, particularly within the enterprise sector.
17 Feb 2014
BY Oliver Tian
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.
10 Feb 2014
BY Oliver Tian
There are more than ten billion units connected to the web today, and this number will have increased five times over by 2020.
6 Jan 2014
BY Connie Hon
When a new year comes around, we fervently embrace the hope that it brings and boldly make resolutions that we fully intend to stick to.
26 Nov 2013
BY Stephen Ho
Cloud computing has become a popular buzzword, as it is a technology that has potential to revolutionize the way we do business in Singapore.
30 Sep 2013
BY Prashant Saxena
We are what we possess.
9 Sep 2013
BY Bruce Downing
As Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted in his National Day Rally 2013 speech, “Education is a big concern for parents and students because it plays a big role in shaping one’s potential and opportunities in Singapore.” There is no doubt the tiny island nation is short on natural resources in the 21st-century race for wealth, health and long-term security.
2 Sep 2013
BY Connie Hon
Some of us may have read BBC’s twitter feed early Wednesday morning on our way to work and had a shock.
2 Aug 2013
BY Bruce Downing
Information security has been an increasingly popular topic in the mainstream media, particularly in Singapore.
27 Jun 2013
BY Bruce Downing
Deployments of unified communications (UC)solutions are on the rise in Singapore and the region, with the technology recognised as a major facilitator for faster decision making within businesses.  According to Frost & Sullivan, the UC market in Asia-Pacific was valued at US$5 billion in 2012 and is predicted to grow to US$7 billion by 2016.  So, what does the crystal ball say for the UC industry?
9 Apr 2013
BY Bruce Downing
As one of the major commercial and communications hubs of the world, Singapore houses a number of contact centres catering to countless small and medium-sized businesses that find it difficult to employ full-time personnel to run their mission-critical customer-service operations.
4 Apr 2013
BY Donald Lim
How can Singapore lead the world in yet another aspect of technology or entrepreneurialism while capitalising on one of the world’s highest penetrations of smart phones?
21 Feb 2013
BY Effendy Ibrahim
  Mobile cybercrime is spreading – how do we stay one step ahead?
20 Feb 2013
BY John Fearon
Venture capitalists often say that they don’t like to invest in sole founder started tech companies.
17 Jan 2013
BY Peter Loh
Singapore’s mobile commerce is growing at a skyrocketing pace, according to a study attached.
7 Jan 2013
BY John Fearon
I was asked recently in a shareholder meeting how successful Singapore startups are able to survive and thrive.
19 Dec 2012
BY Bruce Downing
The deployment of unified communications (UC) technology is on the rise in Singapore, with the majority of executives believing that UC leads to faster decision making within the business.  UC is transforming businesses across Singapore by consolidating and organising diverse communication systems onto a single platform.  It is enabling organisations to adopt new ways of working via integrating innovative processes to better collaborate and share digital content, both internally and externally – allowing staff to interact more effectively via email, voice mail, instant messaging and audio/video/web conferencing – all integrated into the phone system.
15 Nov 2012
BY Chris Reed
Singapore is a great place to be if you want to know the future of mobile commerce and marketing.