Transport & Logistics Commentaries

24 Apr 2019
BY Tze Hsien (T.H.) Lim
Singapore is one of the world’s top logistics hubs, with the World Bank’s Logistics Hub Index ranking Singapore 2nd in Asia and 7th globally.
10 May 2018
BY Lim Tze Hsien
The current US administration’s desire to limit foreign imports through protectionist measures has drawn much concern from Singapore businesses, with many asking us if the US is still open for business.
2 Apr 2018
BY Chris Reed
I am a passionate Uber user.
26 Sep 2016
BY Michelle Ho
The onset of the fourth industrial revolution – also known as Industry 4.0 where smart technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are on the rise – have the potential to reshape the manufacturing industry and change the way factories work today.
15 Sep 2016
BY Centre for Management Practice
In August 2014, Cher Kwang Siong, the managing director of Kheng Keng Auto (KKA), had to deal with several issues facing the firm.
14 Sep 2016
BY James Kane
The loud roar of engines revs up the final quarter of 2016 – as Singapore turns up its glitz and glamour, in conjunction with the 9th Formula One Singapore Grand Prix season.
31 Aug 2016
BY Matthew Stuart
The referendum results of Britain leaving the European Union (EU) came as a surprise to everyone.
27 Jun 2016
BY Matthew Stuart
Electric vehicles have been garnering a lot of interest in the past two years.
7 Oct 2015
BY Chris Reed
If governments around the world really wanted to protect consumer interest, they would be supporting Uber, Grabtaxi, and other car-sharing apps, not trying to ban them or regulate them.
24 Jul 2014
BY Mike Reed
An eternal struggle at the heart of effective supply chain management is how much inventory to hold.
11 Jul 2014
BY Won-Joon Lee
Singapore aims to be the world’s first “smart nation”, tapping the potential of transformational infocomm technologies and nurturing innovation.
10 Jan 2014
BY Chris Reed
The benefits of encouraging people to cycle are immense; from decreasing congestion on roads and rail to increasing the number of healthy and less obese people (which means less use of hospital resources, less MC etc.) to a greener economy and country to name but three.
26 Nov 2013
BY Stuart Harman
Singapore has seen steady growth in 2013; new business formations are on the rise and the economy has expanded - up to 3.7%, according to the latest BT-UniSIM Business Climate Survey.
5 Jun 2013
BY Chris Reed
Singapore will soon launch a revolutionary new travel scheme to ease congestion and reward commuters for getting up early.
30 Apr 2013
BY Won-Joon Lee
Booming intra-Asian trade has positioned airlines flying through Singapore to not only take advantage of growing passenger numbers but also expanding cargo volumes.
14 Jan 2013
BY Karen Speirs
Supply chain management, is a powerful new source of competitive advantage for many organisations.
5 Dec 2012
BY Won-Joon Lee
A widening gap has emerged between the increasing expectations of Singapore’s commuters and their perceptions of the quality of public transport.
19 Oct 2012
BY Peter Loh
We have seen the proliferation of mobile computing and its impact on our daily lives, so much so that at times one wonders if it has encroached upon our privacy.
23 Jul 2012
BY Chris Reed
That’s a statement not a question for a reason.
23 Jul 2012
BY Filippo Sarti
A fruitless limbo between personal and work time, it is not surprising that commuting is regarded as one of the least enjoyable things in life1.
20 Dec 2011
If there’s one person I wouldn’t want to be right now, it’s the CEO of SMRT.
20 Dec 2011
Affecting more than 130,000 train passengers, last week’s 3 major MRT incidents over a period of 3 days has spurred public backlash.