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Dr. Sam Choon-Yin and Renton Yap

Dr. Sam Choon-Yin and Renton Yap

Dr. Sam Choon Yin is the Dean at PSB Academy. He is also the head of School of Business and Management. Dr. Sam graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) from National University of Singapore (NUS), Masters of Business in Finance from University of Technology, Sydney, Masters of Social Sciences from NUS and PhD in International Business and Management from University of South Australia (UNISA).

He has taught subjects in Economics, Finance and Statistics. His current research interests are in the field of international political economy and higher education policy. Aside from his responsibilities in teaching and research. Dr. Sam contributes as a member of the Examination Board and Academic Board at PSB Academy.

Renton Yap is an entreprenuer, disruptor, and a foodie. Renton is the co-founder of Hcook, a mobile application platform that connects home chefs to foodies online. Prior to co-founding Hcook, Renton was a banker for 13 years. Renton started baking and selling from home in 2015.

A series of challenges trying to run a successful home based food business led to him co-found Hcook. Hcook is an attempt to unite all home based food business and unleash the latent potential of all the shared kitchens of our neighbours.

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