Malaysia National Business Awards 2021

Thu, 13 May 2021


Singapore Business Review is proud to announce the inauguration of the Malaysia National Business Awards.
Malaysia National Business Awards is an initiative to honour exceptional local businesses in Malaysia. The awards will recognize the contributions of local firms to SEA economies.

Nomination is open to homegrown Malaysian companies.
If you have any initiatives that highlight the excellent work of the company such as an outstanding project or service launched for or with a client, or an innovative internal practices or strategies, and want to stand out as one of the best local companies in the country, nominate now and get the recognition that your company deserves.
Nomination is free. If your company wins, you are obliged to attend the event and book any of the winner's package options for the Awards Ceremony. Click here to see pricing.
Deadline for subsmission of entries: 19 March 2021, Friday
Awards presentation: 13 May 2021,Tuesday

Should there be any restrictions on holding a physical awarding ceremony in May, as an alternative SBR will conduct a digital awards presentation and interview with the winning companies in. Details and arrangements will be shared with the winners upon the announcement of the results.
Here's a sample of digital presentation and interview for your reference: click here 

For more details, contact:
Julie Anne Nunez
+65 3158 1386 ext. 221