1. What is the SBR Asian Business Case Studies Awards?

2. What is a case study?

3. Who are eligible to join?

4. What can we nominate?

5. What’s in it for us? What are the benefits of joining?

6. What’s in it for our clients?

7. Are there any fees involved?

8. How do we enter?

9. When is the deadline to confirm participation?

10. What is the timeline for case study writing process?

11. What should we expect during the awards ceremony and case study summit?

12. When will our case study be published?

13. Do you have sample case studies?

14. If our case study does not win, will it still be published on the SBR magazine?

15. How will the interview be done?

16. What if our client wants to be anonymous?

17. What if we prefer that SBR does not liaise directly with our client for the interview?

18. What if we have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our client?

19. We already have a case study, can we just nominate this?

20. We have a couple of our clients to be interviewed for the case study, would that be possible?

21. Our clients are consumers and not businesses, can we still join?

22. Our clients don’t want to be interviewed, would this be possible?

For more details, contact:
Eleonor Angeles
+65 3158 1386 ext. 209