"We truly appreciated the high level of the discussion, the participation of important players of the logistic and retail industry and, overall, the unexceptionable organisation of the event.

Thanks to your magazine, the news and the overall communication created around the event, our company and our operations with FJ Benjamin have been spread, therefore contributing to a wider and profitable advertising to potential clients and industrial associations.

We will be glad to take part to SBR events in the future". –Gianmaria Beretti, CEO, Bgroup Asia

"My team and I have definitely enjoyed our time during the SBR Business Case Studies Awards 2016. The event was well organised with a great venue and an excellent program. We also had the opportunity to network with other guests and learn more about their industries. You and your team have done a great job in the preparation for the event!

Once again, thank you for awarding Continental under the Automotive category. We look forward to future collaborations!" –Xiao Hui Twang, Executive, Communications Specialist, Continental Automotive Singapore

"The inaugural SBR Business Case Studies Awards in 2016 has given Alpha7 much awareness of what it stands for in Digital Transformation, and the steps that the organisation needs to take in moving into the digital realm". – Kenneth Lim, CMO, Alpha7

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