What do the past winners say about winning their award?

"We are very delighted and honoured to win this award. This is a recognition of our hard work, and also our sense of resilient spirit in the company."

– Ivan Lew, CEO, Biolidics Limited
2019 Winner

"When we heard that we won, we were elated as well as grateful. We're happy that our efforts and hard work has been recognised."

– Dr. Yue Wai Mun, Chief Medical Officer, Asian Healthcare Specialists Limited
2019 Winner

"The event is great! This award gave us more encouragement to do more things, more concepts for our space."

– Danny Wong, General Manager, LHN Limited
2017 Winner

"More than just recognising our innovation, the award is a testament to our constant pursuit of service excellence to improve the safety, reliability and comfort for our passengers."

– Tan Kian Heong, Managing Director, SMRT Buses
2016 Winner

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