Bill Hendricks

Bill Hendricks is the Founder and CEO of Hendricks Corp. He founded Singapore-based Hendricks Corp in 2013 to further develop multi-use AI recognition system with low latency, low error rate, highly efficient data processing ability, and interoperability with clients’ proprietary systems. Bill is a former United States Department of Defence (Navy) Senior Officer, with more than 30 years of experience spearheading strategy, policy and planning for major enterprise-level acquisition programs in support of current and future operations. 

Prior to Hendricks Corp, he founded Organizational Strategies Inc (now known as Applied Insight), which provided technical and software solutions in support of US Defence and Homeland Security initiatives on a National level and offices in fourteen states, headquartered in Washington DC. Organizational Strategies Inc was acquired by Acacia group in 2018. Bill also owns 5 Innovative patents in support of Video Analytics and Big Data solutions (5 more patents pending).

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