EASB revolutionizes post-graduate programmes

Dec 05, 2013

With a well-experienced faculty, flexible schedule options for students and a wide range of degree programmes awarded by universities in UK, EASB stays on top of the game.

Driven by its vision to be a world-class educational institution, the East Asia Institute of Management upholds its passion for delivering excellent education and producing career ready professionals. 

Post-grad programmes at EASB
EASB enjoys great demand for its postgraduate programmes as proven by its large cohort of post-graduate students. According to Eric Lim, head of school for postgraduate studies, the school offers a very wide range of post-graduate degree programmes, all leading to internationally accredited MBAs, specialised Masters and Doctoral qualifications awarded by established universities in UK, namely Edinburgh Business School, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Queen Margaret University.

“Students get to choose from a very wide range of Management and Business-related disciplines, including Strategic Planning, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Project Management and Nursing Management and Education,” he added. EASB also offers flexibility for the students through their range of choices for the post-graduate programmes. Students may choose to study on a full-time or part-time-mode, block mode, or distancelearning.

One such student who enjoyed EASB’s part-time post-graduate program is Andy Wong, now a deputy general manager at Pico Art International. After sending out queries to other schools, Mr Wong finally chose to enrol at EASB. “I have selected EASB as the course structure, the rating of Edinburgh Business School, the course fees, course duration and modules availability and selection have all met my requirements,” he said. Wong also noted that the structure of the programme at EASB ensures that knowledge is indeed acquired after the completion of the course. Mr Lim explains that academic quality is assured as their post-graduate courses are taught by well qualified and experienced faculty, registered by both the Council of Private Education as well as their university partners.

EASB’s competitive edge
Apart from having a wide range of postgraduate degree programmes and a flexible schedule for the students, what differentiates EASB from other educational institutions? According to Dr Tan, Holistic Education Approach framework prepares our graduates to become career-ready professionals who are competent, confident committed and creative and able to be immediate value contributors in business and in society,” he added. EASB employs a holistic education approach, a strategic program that aims to produce confident graduates who are ready to take on their chosen careers.

According to Dr Tan Jing Hee, executive director & chairman of academic board, this approach provides a framework for their graduates to receive an all-round, balanced and practice-oriented education to equip them for ready employability. “We take great pains to develop industryrelevant curricula, deploy qualified, experienced faculty and provide a wide range of learning support resources to motivate effective learning,” he added.

Having experienced this approach firsthand, Mr Wong notes that it is probably one of the very few programmes in Singapore which will ensure the student to acquire all the necessary knowledge for the programme.”Initially, I found the course pretty tough as I am a working class student. The course is structured in a way that the only assessment for the module is the examination at the end of the semester. This has been quite tough for me in the early stages of the semester however as all lecturers have stressed, time management is the key success to this programme. In fact if we allocate 2 undisturbed hours a day to review and revise, it would be sufficient to tackle the course,” he said.

EASB’s unrelenting passion for quality education drives it to provide a professional, efficient and responsive service to students. Mr Wong reckons that his 10 years of working experience was further enhanced with the knowledge he acquired at EASB. He was able to identify his bad work practices and with the training provided at EASB, he was able to correct them.