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Talent is everywhere — opportunity is not. Remote’s mission is to create opportunity everywhere, empowering employers to find and hire the best talent and enabling individuals to build financial and personal freedom. Businesses around the world use Remote to hire, manage, and pay their globally distributed workforces, simply and compliantly.

Discover how much it costs to hire someone in a different country

Remote's employee cost calculator is a free tool that helps you calculate the total cost of hiring someone in different countries.

This includes their salary, plus any required government contributions, like taxes for healthcare and retirement, which differ from country to country.

Just enter the location, job title, and salary of the employee, and the calculator does the rest. It shows you the hiring costs and lets you compare them across various countries. You can even download the results as a PDF to share with your team.

For more detailed information, including a breakdown of all contributions and estimated costs for additional benefits like private health insurance, check out the full version of the calculator on Remote’s product dashboard when you sign up with Remote.

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