Financial Services

19 Oct 20
IBF, MAS will conduct surveys on potential hiring, losses within the sector.
13 Oct 20
The career fair will offer over 50 job opportunities.
13 Oct 20
Raymond Ong will succeed its now retired ex-CEO who served for 14 years.
11 Sep 20
In the middle of a crisis, the sector had to be quick and creative.
7 Sep 20
One is a chief investment officer and the other a chief product officer.
2 Jul 20
Technology is the top investment priority by most of the respondents.
24 Jan 12
Share of loans restructered could ballon to 8% in the coming year, warns Fitch.
18 Jan 12
Existing Credit Rating Agencies will be given a transition period of 6 months to apply for the required licence.
17 Jan 12
Mr Tsien is an internal candidate having the right skills, qualifications and experience, to assume the post.
17 Jan 12
Mr Ching is expected to further boost the organization’s operations and business capabilities.
17 Jan 12
Whatever happened during the closed hearing on 16 January 2012 must have worked.
16 Jan 12
The company was described as “so defiant” and “testing the will and limits” of the bourse.
13 Jan 12
An analyst pencils in close to S$3b profit for the bank due to weaker net income on financial investments.
13 Jan 12
Cumulative loan growth for the three banks is expected to decelerate to 10% from 27% in 2011.
11 Jan 12
Consumption spending in India has now slowed to a trickle.
10 Jan 12
Money supply growth is on the rebound and further easing measures are still in the pipeline.
10 Jan 12
Following unauthorised withdrawals in Malaysia, investigations revealed about 400 customers have been affected.
6 Jan 12
The bank assured customers will be fully compensated for any fraudulent transactions within 24 hours of notifying DBS.
5 Jan 12
The RMB may appreciate this year, but it's not going to be easy for Asian currencies.
2 Jan 12
Loan growth this year will be “sharply lower” than DMG Research’s ~30% estimate for 2011.
2 Jan 12
The bank will now have a Vice Chair for Client Advisory in Southeast Asia and a banking head for China.
22 Dec 11
Mr. Chatchawal assumed executive positions within the PTT Group and brings experience to Sakari Resources.
20 Dec 11
Can you guess who topped the list with an $18 billion haul?
20 Dec 11
The weak economic outlook is casting a shadow over the banking sector.
15 Dec 11
Changes aimed to position company for long term growth.
14 Dec 11
Guess which topped the index, overtaking the US and the UK.
13 Dec 11
2.85% yield per annum rests on RMB-vs-USD appreciation in next 5 years.
5 Dec 11
Mr Tan succeeds Mr Soon Tit Koon who has he has efficiently managed OCBC Bank’s capital.
5 Dec 11
It’s the women who have better skills in money management, says MasterCard’s latest survey.
2 Dec 11
Mr Kitaro Onishi was responsible for property fund management and investments of the Group.
2 Dec 11
It said DBS, OCBC, and UOB should be able to keep their credit profiles intact, even with the probability of a fresh global downturn.
1 Dec 11
System loans had the highest MoM drop since December 2008 - but by how much did it fall?
30 Nov 11
The deal will enable ION Orchard tenants to provide access the over 2.7 billion UnionPay cardmembers worldwide.
23 Nov 11
This is 3.7 times higher than the life insuranceindustry growth rate of 18%.
23 Nov 11
Culprits cited are limited margin improvement, rising liquidity risks, and potentially higher credit costs overseas.
22 Nov 11
If not, then read on to see how things are about to change as proposed revisions to the Code of Corporate Governance have been submitted.
16 Nov 11
And oh, companies now fear entering emerging markets due to higher risk of tax controversy.
16 Nov 11
Amazingly, the rest trust their kids not to blow the family fortune.
16 Nov 11
It ceased to be a subsidiary of OCBC Bank.
16 Nov 11
The risk-free interest rate will be applicable from 1 January 2012 to 31 March 2012.