8 Oct 20
DBS led the gains amongst top active stocks with a 0.78% expansion.
5 Oct 20
The new listing allows investors to improve fund yield without a liquidation strike.
7 Sep 20
OCBC, DBS, and UOB maintained a combined net interest income of $5.4b in Q2.
1 Sep 20
Sabana REIT saw the sector’s highest proportional net institutional inflows.
1 Sep 20
SGX successfully replicated a $400m 5.5-year public bond issue by Olam.
26 Aug 20
The firms will provide participants complimentary analyses to determine their AANA.
18 Aug 20
It is priced at 4% and will mature on 24 February 2026.
18 Aug 20
SGX-ST gave their approval to the latter’s delisting.
12 Aug 20
Two of these top performing ETFs surpassed...
12 Aug 20
It will finance or refinance the trust’s acquisitions and/or investments.
11 Aug 20
These will be launched in August and September.
11 Aug 20
Equity market activity remained higher than a year earlier but moderated from a strong June.
7 Aug 20
The firm aims to have powers on cases that call for public sanctions that the LDC can hear.
6 Aug 20
Both firms assured that the demerger deal is in the best interests of shareholders.
6 Aug 20
It recorded the largest gain worldwide amongst companies with a $1.34b market value.
6 Aug 20
Upon delisting, the shares will only be traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
5 Aug 20
Both futures are designed to allow broad distribution to US and global institutional investors.
4 Aug 20
The low level of buyback consideration coincided with a 2.3% decline in the STI.
3 Aug 20
All revenues from FICC, equities and data, connectivity and indices rose.
2 Aug 20
OCBC Bank saw the sharpest decline amongst top active stocks with a 3.82% contraction.
30 Jul 20
DBS, OCBC, and UOB all recorded declines of more than 3%.
30 Jul 20
All of the 24.25 million placement shares were subscribed, collecting around $5.33m.
30 Jul 20
Lenders are called to cap their DPS at 60% of FY2019’s DPS.
27 Jul 20
Its use was found to be unreliable and misleading.
26 Jul 20
AEM saw the sharpest decline amongst top active stocks with a 4.62% contraction.
22 Jul 20
This allows the required SGX listing files to be based on information contained in the US listing.
19 Jul 20
DBS saw the sharpest decline amongst top active stocks with a 1.02% contraction.
5 Jul 20
Medtecs International led the gains amongst top active stocks with a 7.53% expansion.
2 Jul 20
DBS, OCBC and UOB saw the highest amount of buyback consideration.
29 Jun 20
Wilmar leads the pack with a 29% return.
29 Jun 20
The transaction is expected to be completed in July.
28 Jun 20
SGX led the pack amongst top active stocks with a 2.11% climb.
25 Jun 20
Both will be issued on 1 July and are guaranteed by Optus and certain subsidiaries.
22 Jun 20
It aims to acquire the remaining shares in the cement manufacturer.
19 Jun 20
Voting rights and entitlement to dividends of the CDP Depositors will not be affected.
14 Jun 20
OCBC saw the sharpest decline amongst top active stocks with a 1.7% contraction.
8 Jun 20
Both firms will solely focus on their respective industries following the transaction.
8 Jun 20
This will bring the indicative combined weighting of STI to 12.5%.
4 Jun 20
The company said it does not know any explanation behind the trading.