Shipping & Marine

27 Nov 20
The vessel is scheduled for delivery in Q4 2022.
23 Nov 20
The Asia-Singapore route marked the highest increase at 10%.
18 Nov 20
The projects are co-funded by MPA and MINT Fund.
16 Nov 20
It’s lack of new orders and project delays spell continued losses for the company.
11 Nov 20
The loan was the first to be granted to the country's maritime industry.
10 Nov 20
An additional five option orders of 3,500TEU container ships was part of the agreement.
23 Oct 20
Opportunities are in automation, digitalisation and supply chain integration.
18 Sep 20
This brings the total fund to $1.68m.
8 Sep 20
Temasek bought the remaining almost 1.03b unsubscribed rights shares.
2 Sep 20
The transaction will be completed by the end of the year.
1 Sep 20
The company is also in talks with banks to extends its payments agreement.
1 Sep 20
Hong Kong’s SITC has placed an order for 12 containerships.
1 Sep 20
The self-contained facility will house crew for up to 48 hours prior to boarding.
6 Aug 20
Revenue from its core shipbuilding business fell.
30 Jul 20
Impairments from the O&M segment contributed to the loss.
23 Jul 20
Both firms assure that the proposed rights issue is more than an “accounting treatment”.
16 Jul 20
The group’s revenue declined 41.2% over the same period.
6 Jul 20
Wong Weng Sun will work alongside IAP chairman Andreas SohmenPao.
1 Jul 20
Ishak Ismail is succeeding founding chairman Richard Lim.
26 Jun 20
MPA has approved vital crew changes for some 1,150 ships since 27 March.
24 Jun 20
This will be used to defray costs for seafarers staying at the Seacare Hotel.
23 Jun 20
These orders include two LNG-tank carriers and two 56,000DWT bulk carriers.
23 Jun 20
The latter failed to pay the instalment due on 9 June, entitling Keppel to terminate the deal.
22 Jun 20
This is said to support maritime companies in accelerating digitalisation plans.
18 Jun 20
They will also enhance support to seafarers working onboard Singapore-registered ships.
15 Jun 20
Shipping activity and bunkering demand remained weak in June.
15 Jun 20
It continues to facilitate the disembarkation of seafarers on medical grounds.
10 Jun 20
MPA has approved nearly 3,000 cases of changes since March.
9 Jun 20
The company denies allegations on breaches.
8 Jun 20
Both firms will solely focus on their respective industries following the transaction.
4 Jun 20
It will feature an innovation opportunity focussing on maritime decarbonisation for the first time.
4 Jun 20
This follows after charges of money laundering were filed to Martin Cheah Kok Choon and Guilherme Esteves de Jesus.
1 Jun 20
This follows after Floatel performed an impairment assessment of its vessels.
29 May 20
It outlines plans to grow as an integrated business with sustainable solutions.
29 May 20
The design of these feeders will give priority to loading capacity over speed.
19 May 20
The downtrend will last for the rest of the year.
14 May 20
DBS says a yard merger via share swap or asset injection into SMM is more likely.
13 May 20
They are expecting business activity to remain low.
11 May 20
Shareholders can pre-register until 30 May.
5 May 20
This will enable startups to conduct prototype development and test solutions.