Energy & Offshore

19 Dec 18
It was originally set for 19 December.
14 Dec 18
And energy savings firm Barghest Building Performance nabs $45m from investment firm KKR & Co.
14 Dec 18
Crude oil imports surged 15% YoY to a record 42.7 million tonnes in November.
12 Dec 18
It is eyeing for a hearing in a Bermudan court on 14 December.
7 Dec 18
Authorities cited that New Noble’s net asset value could be adjusted downwards by 40-45% and disable investors to make informed choices....
26 Nov 18
It is making time for regulators’ probes into its reporting and accounting practices.
20 Nov 18
Suspected breaches were found in its financial statements for 2012 to 2016.
19 Nov 18
The continent will account for two-thirds of the overall demand in the coming years.
12 Nov 18
The production barge will be capable of processing up to 30,000 barrels of fluid per day by its completion.
5 Nov 18
The panels are expected to power more than 1,500 four-room HDB flats for a year.
31 Oct 18
It covered a breach of a technical services and management consulting agreement in 2015.
30 Oct 18
ESS can prevent intermittency of renewable power sources and enhance grid stability.
22 Oct 18
Hydro Tasmania claimed that some of Basslink’s facilities did not meet operational requirements.
18 Oct 18
The facility will be able to reduce 90% of the waste that goes to landfills.
18 Oct 18
Creditors can risk participate in the US$625m new money debt.
11 Oct 18
It will transition to auctions for procurement of bigger solar projects.
7 Oct 18
The new LNG carriers will each have a capacity of 7,500 cubic metres.
3 Oct 18
The investment will develop fuels with sulphur content limited to 0.5%.
2 Oct 18
A Guangdong court found him guilty of evading tariff payments of about $74.27m.
2 Oct 18
It could make an incremental provision of up to $74.6m.
27 Sep 18
It needs more time to make announcements on deals about its Mustang Project.
21 Sep 18
They may opt to stay with SP group to buy power at a regulated tariff.
18 Sep 18
Power was fully restored after 38 minutes.
18 Sep 18
They will install close to 900 solar panels in Singapore rooftops from 2018 to 2020.
12 Sep 18
Solar and wind transactions hit US$3.8b and boosted total deal value.
6 Sep 18
They will hold company assets after the restructuring.
5 Sep 18
The firm will hold Noble’s assets after the restructuring.
5 Sep 18
It is one of the top investing countries in the Asia Pacific.
28 Aug 18
About 99.96% of shareholders gave a heads up to the restructuring.
22 Aug 18
Operational doubts persist as power operators look for more physical space.
22 Aug 18
It is a long-term deal that may add up to the firm's marginal profit.
21 Aug 18
It will provide 250 megawatts of power to Bangladesh for 15 years.
17 Aug 18
Arnaud Vagner confirms his link to Iceberg Research to challenge Noble’s restructuring.
15 Aug 18
Revenue was still down due to lower group volumes.
10 Aug 18
The meeting will also discuss the proposed disposal of vessels.