Energy & Offshore

10 Oct 20
Data centre firms have tempered expectations for green energy sources, but opportunities still await.
7 Oct 20
This includes Facebook’s first data center in Asia.
3 Oct 20
Industry expert Sophie Ducoloner will head the new branch.
17 Jan 12
Mr Chen will represent the Company in its further expansion in Greater China.
4 Jan 12
Cheng Lim Kong has called it quits to pursue personal interest.
4 Jan 12
He was tasked to manage the petroleum exploration and production operations of the Group.
4 Jan 12
As it had underperformed the broader market last year, plunging 48% versus the STI’s 17% slide.
22 Dec 11
The new DSS™ 38E semi deal brings Keppel Offshore & Marine’s new orders for the year-to-date to S$9.8bn.
13 Dec 11
Operational cash flows and number of long-term contracts found wanting by Fitch.
12 Dec 11
She will be respomsible for overseeing the overall financial activities of the Group.
21 Nov 11
Its revenue has grown at a compounded growth rate of 15% for the past 8 years.
17 Nov 11
SIMTech, is spearheading a slew of R&D initiatives in green technologies in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and...
9 Nov 11
Increased half-year revenues and profit before tax were offset by a higher income tax expense.
9 Nov 11
Experts believe that gas will account for almost 90% of total electricity produced by 2020, but is Singapore prepared to face...
1 Nov 11
The centre provides compelling value propositions for research partnerships with public and private sectors to tackle global energy challenges...
25 Oct 11
His past experiences and qualifications convinced the Board that he is fit to undertake the position.
24 Oct 11
The Group’s latest wins strengthen its position in the process industry.
24 Oct 11
The discovery was made in the North Klalin field, located close to its subsidiaries’ production fields.
20 Oct 11
Loh replaces Teo Soon Hoe, who will continue to serve as Senior Executive Director and remain on the Board.
19 Oct 11
He has 27 years experience in the upstream oil and gas industry in India and overseas.
19 Oct 11
EBIT margins for Sembcorp Marine and Keppel Corp are seen to drop from 21% in FY11 to 15% next year.
18 Oct 11
SMOE inks deal with Bechtel Overseas for the module assembly at the LNG facility on Curtis Island, Queensland, Australia.
8 Oct 11
Vogt Power has received an order from Siemens to supply heat recovery steam generators  and associated equipment for the GMR Energy Power...
8 Oct 11
Teo was a senior trader of distillates products at Cargill International and Lead Trader of Light Distillates at BP Singapore.
7 Oct 11
And it won’t be opened until Shell is confident that it is safe to do so.
6 Oct 11
Johor terminal with total storage capacity of 380,000m3 to be built specifically for CAO’s use.
6 Oct 11
Despite threats of a recession, CIMB still expects growth for SCI’s utilities business, thanks to long-term contracts and the unabated...
6 Oct 11
Order flows potentially await contractors that provide civil engineering, construction, equipment rental and/or structural steel works services...
5 Oct 11
Unable to deliver because of the Bukom fire last week, Shell offered to pay clients to effectively buy back the orders.
5 Oct 11
Preliminary investigation by the Ministry of Manpower showed that the fire broke out at a Pump House.
4 Oct 11
This as the fire caused Shell to cancel the lifting of 4 million barrels of crude.
3 Oct 11
The deal will enable Safin to meet the needs of its customers and launch the programme of its premium rig fleet.
3 Oct 11
Loh is tasked to assist the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director.
3 Oct 11
He is the former President & CEO of Petronas.
3 Oct 11
Force majeure has been declared on customers after the blaze at Bukom which shut down Shell’s 500,000 barrels-a-day refinery.
30 Sep 11
The blaze had been extinguished but those with respiratory problems are advised to avoid the western part of Singapore near Bukom.
29 Sep 11
48% of the company’s 2011 contract wins are from third-party customers.
29 Sep 11
The fire at the company’s largest refinery continues on Thursday but is under control.
28 Sep 11
The company will be signing three MOUs to further collaborate on utilities projects in Liaoning, China.
24 Sep 11
The group expects plant to start supply of chilled water and hot water service by 2012.