Energy & Offshore

9 Aug 19
An issuer will hold the shares until 19 December 2019.
22 Jul 19
It surpassed the $1.7b new orders secured during the whole of 2018.
18 Jul 19
He can buy more than an average Hongkonger with a month’s salary.
16 Jul 19
The bank designated 4 July as its date of termination.
9 Jul 19
It is expected to produce over 10,200MW-hours of power annually.
18 Jun 19
The system is expected to produce over 7,840MW hours of power annually.
7 Jun 19
The 50MWp Tengeh floating solar PV system is expected to offset 7% of PUB’s current energy needs.
23 May 19
Over 7,000 PV panels will generate 3.5GW hours of energy enough to power 1,000 three-bedroom HDB flats for a year.
13 May 19
It will engineer and construct two 600MW offshore wind farm substations in Taiwan.
8 May 19
Keppel FELS’s share of the contract is worth about $560m.
6 May 19
The initiative aims to study if such effort could reduce fuel consumption for air conditioning.
29 Apr 19
Its floating city project, Green Float, can house up to 50,000 people.
26 Apr 19
He held the position for more than a year from November 2017.
4 Apr 19
Eneco Energy’s auditors asked for more time to complete the audit of the 2018 results.
2 Apr 19
The firm incurred a net loss of $53.9m for FY2018.
1 Apr 19
And Wirecard rejects the link between its compliance manager’s exit and fraud allegations.
28 Mar 19
Mattan will look after the designs, technical drawings, procurement and project management of the projects.
25 Mar 19
It will construct a second mid-water semi-submersible drilling rig for harsh environment use.
15 Mar 19
The name change on SGX will take place on 18 March.
14 Mar 19
The firm said that the information included in its QPR are of a “highly confidential and sensitive nature”.
12 Mar 19
And Singapore-based healthcare startup Docquity bagged US$11m in a series B funding round.
8 Mar 19
It plans to manage new projects and boost oil sales in Asia.
7 Mar 19
Earlier in January, electricity retailer Red Dot Power (RDP) announced its exit from the electricity market, citing a “financial challenging...
4 Mar 19
It has streamlined its oil & gas business to improve its profits and market cap.
11 Feb 19
Strong government support is pushing reliance away from natural gas-fired power.
11 Feb 19
Cost deflation for wind and solar could sustain the momentum of renewables.
30 Jan 19
The government is stepping up its efforts to diversify its power sector to move away from a reliance on gas production.
28 Jan 19
Of the 4,440 homes it sold in FY18, half were in China.
24 Jan 19
The two will also train manpower to support solar energy development.
23 Jan 19
It blamed lower contributions from gas supplied City Gas and lower revenue at Basslink.
15 Jan 19
A domestic glut in its gasoline market and new refineries across its coastal provinces will push its supply.
11 Jan 19
The indebted crude oil supplier owes the three Singapore banks a combined US$172.1m.
9 Jan 19
And Go-Jek Singapore poaches HSBC’s PayMe creator Adam D’Arcy as its chief product officer.
7 Jan 19
The site houses an integrated industrial and warehouse facility with a total gross floor area of 1.6 million sq ft.
20 Dec 18
A total of $1.09b in new money debt is available to New Noble.
19 Dec 18
It was originally set for 19 December.
14 Dec 18
And energy savings firm Barghest Building Performance nabs $45m from investment firm KKR & Co.
14 Dec 18
Crude oil imports surged 15% YoY to a record 42.7 million tonnes in November.