Energy & Offshore

25 Jul 18
Despite lower profits and higher risks.
23 Jul 18
The biggest deal is an FPSO contract for Rosebank’s estimated to be worth US$2b.
20 Jul 18
The momentum for new orders that started in 2017 could continue in 2018.
9 Jul 18
It needs to continue recovery from a declining trend in contract wins.
27 Jun 18
Viking Offshore is seeking sums over $5m for late construction of a project.
25 Jun 18
EER paid a debt worth US$21m to Noble.
22 Jun 18
It will also work on launching a UK scheme of arrangement after getting backed by 85% of debtors.
20 Jun 18
The trader is currently in “constructive discussions” with the two.
20 Jun 18
They've also teamed up to faciliate Noble's Middle East expansion.
18 Jun 18
Some perpetual bondholders in the UK filed a lawsuit against the company.
8 Jun 18
It's looking to add 80 gigawatts in four years to wind capacity alone.
4 Jun 18
It warned that it will have more debts that will fall due “time to time”.
31 May 18
It powers 32 projects across England and Wales.
29 May 18
The value of coal mining in China fell 50%, dampening the appetite for investment.
28 May 18
He will step down from the CFO position.
28 May 18
He is currently the CFO of New Zealand energy firm Contact Energy.
25 May 18
It was hit by the negative performance of some coal and carbon steel contracts.
22 May 18
The company needs more time for asset disposal to buoy it from its earnings slump.
22 May 18
It will ban creditors from taking action that could hurt the firm's financial standing.
16 May 18
Construction is expected to begin in July.
15 May 18
Disposal of its assets resulted in the retirement of US$3b revolving credit facilities.
10 May 18
The fund said the company should reveal the scope of work the adviser will be studying.
6 May 18
This is funding the ongoing construction of the Sirajganj Unit 4 power plant.
30 Apr 18
And here's the Singapore central bank's forecast on the economy amidst rising tensions.
25 Apr 18
It is seeking to postpone the annual general meeting for the restructuring.
25 Apr 18
Paul Brough encouraged shareholders to vote in favour of the restructuring.
23 Apr 18
It said the company should revisit takeover options by companies like Centricus and Cedar Holdings Group.
23 Apr 18
Noble claimed that Goldilocks was not a registered member of the company, prompting a heated response from the fund.
20 Apr 18
Shareholders will 'lose everything' by supporting Noble's current restructuring plan, it said.
19 Apr 18
It attacked the points made by chairman Paul Brough in a letter to shareholders.
17 Apr 18
Noble raised their current shareholders' stake from 10% to 15% in the post-restructuring company.
16 Apr 18
The allocation is "fair to all shareholders," said founder Richard Elman.
13 Apr 18
And here is a Singaporean venture capitalist's investment in an Irish "agtech" firm.
10 Apr 18
But concerns arise as its founder Richard Elman is pushing for a new restructuring.
9 Apr 18
It signed a contract with Mitsui AP with an option to order another similar tanker.
9 Apr 18
It will be selected as the preferred contractor for the construction of KrisEnergy’s fuel barges.
6 Apr 18
It questioned the three new UK-based directors, which were had no experience in Singapore companies.
6 Apr 18
It attacked the restructuring proposal’s legal release clause and said it has “zero chance” of success.
5 Apr 18
It said shareholders’ votes on the deal should not affect their entitlement to get shares in the restructured company.
29 Mar 18
But it has now raised the support for its restructuring agreement to 55%.