20 Sep 19
This is tipped to outgrow the average general inflation rate of 1.4%.
16 Sep 19
The lawsuit revolves the appointment of receivers for OUELH’s subsidiaries.
16 Sep 19
This could potentially be the biggest healthcare deal in the Philippines.
6 Sep 19
IP insurers will use the form beginning 1 October.
1 Sep 19
And Clearbridge Health acquires nine dental clinics for $3.3m.
30 Aug 19
Nurses are the backbone of Singapore’s healthcare system and they play an important role in transforming the healthcare industry.
30 Aug 19
Subsidies will be available in both polyclinics and CHAS clinics by end-2020.
29 Aug 19
The industry outperformed the output of the manufacturing sector, which fell 6.9%.
29 Aug 19
The healthcare-focused PE firm has a target fund size of $555.57m for its Fund II.
27 Aug 19
Patients will be able to receive medicine in 90 minutes.
22 Aug 19
This comes as employees seek more comprehensive plans to reduce out-of-pocket costs.
20 Aug 19
It was built by NUS, Agilent Technologies, and National University Hospital.
8 Aug 19
Pulse will provide health tools and consultations for 11 markets in Asia.
8 Aug 19
The plan by the State Council to cut high-value medical consumables prices deals a heavy blow.
8 Aug 19
These three firms’ average dividend yield came at 3.3% over the same period.
6 Aug 19
Benefits include a partner rate for each consultation and medication delivery within three hours.
5 Aug 19
Users can receive lifestyle tips and health recommendations based on individual DNA.
29 Jul 19
Operating revenue fell due to the promotion and building costs for its Chongqing hospital.
29 Jul 19
It will be done through a 3-year 5.5% convertible bond at a conversion price of $0.54 per share.
25 Jul 19
Increased government expenditure will support the segment.
25 Jul 19
Its pharma biotech & nutrition segment recorded 10.8% sales growth.
25 Jul 19
Two in five health practitioners recommend a more integrated hospital-home care approach.
23 Jul 19
About 40,000 insured members will soon access on-demand video consultations by August.
19 Jul 19
The upcoming facility is expected to start its operations in late 2020.
12 Jul 19
Proceeds will be used to refinance its existing debts and extend its debt maturity profile.
5 Jul 19
The facility is expected to produce anemia and HIV drugs faster.
2 Jul 19
The fees related to the tests will be reimbursed by China’s National Healthcare Security Administration under its national basic medical...
1 Jul 19
The net proceeds will finance its borrowings, expansions and capital expenditure.
26 Jun 19
The benefits will be received from July to November.
25 Jun 19
It will invest in medical services, biomedical projects, mature drugs and precision medicine companies.
24 Jun 19
It aims to reduce travelling and waiting time by offering virtual appointments.
20 Jun 19
Less than a third of Singaporeans have access to their digital health records.
18 Jun 19
Talks with interested parties fell apart.
14 Jun 19
Private healthcare allowances are tipped to grow at a 8.3% CAGR  between 2016-2020.
14 Jun 19
The top-ups will be given only to qualified seniors.
13 Jun 19
Nearly 7 in 10 are already covered by the Integrated Shield plan in 2017.
11 Jun 19
Private players were left to fight over the remaining 22-23% of the market.
10 Jun 19
It is expected to rise by 0.1% in 2019.
10 Jun 19
It will set up an endoscopy centre within The Ming Clinic at the Camden Medical Centre.
4 Jun 19
It is also beginning to reap better contributions from Fortis.