7 Oct 20
Majority feel that their education is lacking when dealing with the data aspects of their job.
16 Jan 12
In good times or bad, the demand for healthcare in Singapore will continue to increase as its growing population ages.
20 Dec 11
HMC plans to distribute 40% of its shares in Healthway Medical Development for free.
20 Dec 11
OCBC says the sector will keep on thriving next year as medical tourism trade continues to prosper.
9 Dec 11
The group enters 2012 with a good track record as its earnings will be driven by continued patient load growth.
8 Dec 11
HMC plans to distribute up to 500,000 shares in HMD, representing approximately 40% of its shareholding in the group.
1 Dec 11
I believe Singapore will eventually experience a severe earthquake.
15 Nov 11
GfK reports that the contact lens industry grew by 15% to USD615m.
15 Nov 11
S$200 million was also alloted for A*STAR’s Biomedical Research Council.
14 Nov 11
Ms Vera Lim Goon Lwee will pursue career in other industry.
3 Nov 11
The company’s registered gross revenue also increased 4.1% to S$22 million.
30 Oct 11
Scientists and clinicians made research breakthrough that paves the way for novel therapies for respiratory diseases.
26 Oct 11
Dr Khor will be succeeding the late Dr Balaji Sadasivan who chaired the first committee when it was established in 2006.
23 Oct 11
MSD to invest US$250mn over the next ten years in site improvements at its manufacturing facilities.
12 Oct 11
The Japanese director worked as a manager of Shionogi & Co’s Corporate Planning Department.
29 Sep 11
Frey previously worked as Managing Director of Two Shores Pte Ltd.
28 Sep 11
Wong worked as an Asiasons WFG Financial executive and PricewaterhouseCoopers manager.
26 Sep 11
Seah has 25-year experience in corporate accounting and finance, strategic planning and general management.
21 Sep 11
Lu has been tasked to head Guangzhou Sunray Medical Apparatus.
20 Sep 11
The tablets were found to have product defects and some tablets from different batches were found to contain small foreign particles.
13 Sep 11
Despite a general belt-tightening mood among Singaporeans, healthcare consumption has not slowed as it contributes nearly 80% of the group...
8 Sep 11
Scientists from the Genome Institute of Singapore have uncovered a new way to target EZH2, an enzyme that promotes aggressive breast cancer....
1 Sep 11
Professor Eu brings with him more than 20 years of experience in treating colorectal conditions.
1 Sep 11
Licences of the errant tobacco sellers will be suspended for six months starting 1 September 2011.
24 Aug 11
The life-threatening products cause Cushing's syndrome, puffy face, hump back and high blood pressure.
19 Aug 11
More than 350 units are needed daily to meet the transfusion needs of patients in Singapore.
7 Jul 11
That is if a focused cancer-controlled health care policy is not put in place.
5 Jul 11
SPRING Singapore to lead healthcare SMEs to take advantage in discovering opportunities in Vietnam via a business mission.
23 Jun 11
Kim Eng says assets for the offering will be placed under a new company called Parkway Pantai Limited and is expected to be valued over $5bn....
30 May 11
Singapore-based service provider Q&M Dental Group has set a five-year target to list its China business once it achieves a combined profit...
30 May 11
Guess which disease killed a third of Singaporeans in 2009 ?
23 May 11
Sounds like a great birthday or anniversary gift idea.
12 May 11
The application, Woman&Child HealthPedia, is dedicated to women's and children's health, with an initial focus on pregnancy health in...
11 May 11
The body eyes capitalising on China’s growing demand for skilled manpower and quality healthcare services via business missions.
8 Apr 11
Singapore healthcare at its best.
7 Apr 11
The partnership aim to develop drugs restricting the growth of tumor-initiating cells in breast cancer.
25 Mar 11
Singapore said on Thursday it had found radioactive contaminants in four samples of vegetables from Japan.
23 Mar 11
The likelihood of any radioactive plume reaching Singapore remains very low.
3 Mar 11
The City for All Ages project aims to enhance the liveablitiy of the built environment, develop age-friendly solutions and services, as well as...
14 Feb 11
Singapore topped the Asian Green City Index as it stood out in particular for its ambitious environmental targets and its efficient approach to...