12 Jul 19
Proceeds will be used to refinance its existing debts and extend its debt maturity profile.
5 Jul 19
The facility is expected to produce anemia and HIV drugs faster.
2 Jul 19
The fees related to the tests will be reimbursed by China’s National Healthcare Security Administration under its national basic medical...
1 Jul 19
The net proceeds will finance its borrowings, expansions and capital expenditure.
26 Jun 19
The benefits will be received from July to November.
25 Jun 19
It will invest in medical services, biomedical projects, mature drugs and precision medicine companies.
24 Jun 19
It aims to reduce travelling and waiting time by offering virtual appointments.
20 Jun 19
Less than a third of Singaporeans have access to their digital health records.
18 Jun 19
Talks with interested parties fell apart.
14 Jun 19
Private healthcare allowances are tipped to grow at a 8.3% CAGR  between 2016-2020.
14 Jun 19
The top-ups will be given only to qualified seniors.
13 Jun 19
Nearly 7 in 10 are already covered by the Integrated Shield plan in 2017.
11 Jun 19
Private players were left to fight over the remaining 22-23% of the market.
10 Jun 19
It is expected to rise by 0.1% in 2019.
10 Jun 19
It will set up an endoscopy centre within The Ming Clinic at the Camden Medical Centre.
4 Jun 19
It is also beginning to reap better contributions from Fortis.
31 May 19
Parkway Pantai’s revenue climbed 49% to $847.49m.
31 May 19
The company opened at $0.205 apiece.
30 May 19
‘Nyra’ can be used to track period, fertility, lifestyle and physical activity.
29 May 19
They will have access to the venture studio and in-house developers and product managers.
27 May 19
Penetration rate in the Lion City is around 250% compared to around 40% in Malaysia.
27 May 19
Parents can be covered up to $100,000 until the age of 100.
22 May 19
This outpaces STI's 12M yield of 4%.
22 May 19
And a smoking cabin that turns cigarette smoke into clean air was launched outside Fusionopolis.
21 May 19
Malaysia offers more competitive surgery costs with a heart bypass costing just US$14,000 compared to US$23,000 in Singapore.
21 May 19
The proceeds will be used to enhance its AI digital therapeutics platform.
21 May 19
The issue price represents a volume weighted average price of $0.002 per share.
9 May 19
And here’s where ride-hailing app TADA is setting its sights next.
8 May 19
The sector’s market cap ballooned thirteen-fold and stands at over $40b.
7 May 19
Select startups will get access to tech development services and seed funding.
3 May 19
It allows employees to compare health achievements to other workers anonymously.
2 May 19
It aims to raise its patient stream by boosting its cardiology services and IVF.
29 Apr 19
Startup costs for RafflesHospital Chongqing hit earnings.
25 Apr 19
They will also co-create a digital integrated platform for telemedicine claims processing.
25 Apr 19
Nasdaq-listed Aptorum Group and A*ccelerate seeks to develop up to 20 deeptech ventures up over the next five years.
8 Apr 19
The directors left their amidst unresolved audit matters.
4 Apr 19
Nagahiro currently oversees Mitsui’s investment in IHH.
3 Apr 19
Customers’ rewards increase with every step they take.
2 Apr 19
A previous probe about the firm saw inter-corporate deposits and ties with Fortis’ former major shareholders.