5 Mar 21
This is despite the expected drop in demand for PPEs.
1 Mar 21
Global surge in demand for PPEs attributed to the increase in revenue.
1 Mar 21
But shows recovery QoQ across all markets.
26 Feb 21
The financing closed on 25 February.
25 Feb 21
Part of the plan is converting existing shareholder loans and accrued interests.
23 Feb 21
Its revenue for the year dropped 54.5% YoY to $111m.
17 Feb 21
Only 9% was let down by how the government dealt with the crisis.
10 Feb 21
The drop was caused by low patient loads in Singapore, Malaysia.
9 Feb 21
The firm develops biosimilars, new antibody therapeutics.
29 Jan 21
It scored a point of 71 in a global index.
26 Jan 21
First 100,000 customers and non-customers to sign-up can receive $100 per day of hospitalisation.
25 Jan 21
The company will also transfer its listing status from the SGX Mainboard to the Catalist Board.
19 Jan 21
Travellers will need to take PCR tests upon arrival in Singapore.
12 Jan 21
The government will pass a piece of legislation outlining how contract tracing data will be used.
8 Jan 21
It aims to support medical clinics with e-pharmacy service.
17 Dec 20
Domestic medical services largely normalised in H2 2020.
15 Dec 20
One percent of all solid tumors harbor NRG1 fusions, a rare genetic mutation that drives malignancies.
15 Dec 20
The vaccine has a 94.1% efficacy rate against COVID-19.
15 Dec 20
Capacity limit in public places will be eased up to eight people.
14 Dec 20
One of the founders, Nelson Loh, has reportedly left Singapore.
14 Dec 20
The speech will be broadcastt live via the PM’s Facebook page.
11 Dec 20
Around 60% believe that a vaccine is safe if authorities have endorsed it.
11 Dec 20
The test kits will be used in a new COVID-19 testing lab at Changi Airport.
11 Dec 20
Government helps ease locals and newly graduates into employment.
3 Dec 20
Biomedical research and drug discovery are accelerated through Arctoris’ fully automated platform.
3 Dec 20
The company is commended for effective employee engagement and executive leadership.
2 Dec 20
The subsidiary aims to partner with healthtech startups, international associations.
18 Nov 20
The products grant at least $30,000 in coverage for medical treatment.
17 Nov 20
The transfer is designed to attract institutional investors.
17 Nov 20
The medical benefits platform has connected over 50,000 employees to 2,000 healthcare providers.
17 Nov 20
Travellers can book their PCR tests ahead of travel plans.
3 Nov 20
Over two in three felt they might not be able to afford healthcare if they become severely disabled.
28 Oct 20
It comes with basic screening and tele-consultation, amongst others.