Hotels & Tourism

19 Jun 18
Home-sharing platforms only comprise 3-4% of hotel room nights, an analyst said.
19 Jun 18
Ascott Residence Trust suffered the most with a 7% RevPAU drop.
18 Jun 18
All 3-star hotels offer 518 rooms in total.
11 Jun 18
It is a 65-room five-star hotel.
11 Jun 18
How did you reserve your most recent hotel booking?
11 Jun 18
It has 224 Gold-Standard studio residences and two bedroom apartments.
10 Jun 18
The summit location only has 100 keys, meaning other guests have booked other nearby venues.
7 Jun 18
This will allow consumers to exchange, consolidate, and redeem loyalty reward points and air miles.
7 Jun 18
Distribution per unit is expected to grow 4%.
6 Jun 18
The three properties will have 839 keys in total.
5 Jun 18
Crude and jet fuel prices are expected to climb 27.5% and 25.8%, respectively.
31 May 18
Some are worried over the negative effects of geopolitical events on the economy.
25 May 18
And here's a Singapore venture that launched a blockchain platform for hotels and malls.
23 May 18
It lost visa-free access to Kosovo.
3 May 18
Its hospitality segment’s NPI jumped 5%.
3 May 18
RevPAR dipped 3.1% to $369, due to a nearly 2-point decline in occupancy rate.
2 May 18
Room occupancy remains well in excess of 84% despite the new supply.
1 May 18
It said the hotel room supply of 628 rooms in 2018 will immediately be absorbed.
1 May 18
It cited inorganic contributions from acquisitions and an improved Singapore hotel performance.
30 Apr 18
Adoption of new robust digital travel expense and compliance models goes a long way, not only for the rising modern business traveller but also...
26 Apr 18
The influx of visitors from the Singapore Airshow last February partially contributed to higher earnings.
26 Apr 18
The company’s property operating expenses edged up 0.4%.
25 Apr 18
The industry is shifting to a man-power lean model: less humans, more bots.
25 Apr 18
The serviced residence operator has over 2,000 units in 13 properties in its portfolio.
25 Apr 18
This is despite tougher competition against sharing economy-rooted services.
17 Apr 18
Prices have risen due to higher costs of eating out in restaurants.
16 Apr 18
The country provides Muslims "cultural proximity" and enhanced tourism offerings, amongst others.
11 Apr 18
It provides data insights enabling hoteliers to better reach sustainability goals.
19 Mar 18
Hotel players are seeing a higher number of requests for proposals and rates getting firmer.
13 Mar 18
Should it hit 1.2%, this will be the lowest since 2007.
12 Mar 18
Negative changes in revenue per available room at started in 2013.
9 Mar 18
Upscale and Mid-Tier hotels clocked a +0.1% revenue per available room (RevPAR) increase in 2017.
9 Mar 18
It wants a constant income stream with less reliance on capital appreciation.
6 Mar 18
The MTI and STB proposed this in a public consultation to amend the Cess Collection Act.
27 Feb 18
Its consolidation with UIC Group raised revenue.
26 Feb 18
Local developer EL Development paid $118m for the property.
25 Feb 18
But its revenue rose thanks to the strong performance of its leisure and hospitality segment.
23 Feb 18
Its revenue fell after the sale of the extension to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.
23 Feb 18
The government is deliberately slowing hotel development after supply overflowed before 2017.
19 Feb 18
Its Orchard hotels and Oasia hotel Novena struggled against new competitors in Q4 2017.