24 Nov 20
Singapore businesses call on local shoppers for support.
24 Nov 20
Strong uptick in manufacturing momentum in Q3 helped improve GDP.
24 Nov 20
Around 31% of respondents had issues paying off their housing loans.
19 Nov 20
Loh will be an independent non-executive director of the board.
19 Nov 20
Projected overall salary increase for 2021 is at 3.5%.
17 Nov 20
The notes will have an interest rate of 2.53% per annum.
17 Nov 20
Companies planning to list now have to meet higher standards.
17 Nov 20
Both electronic and non-electronic NODX reported declines.
16 Nov 20
More than half believe they will be financially stable in 12 months; only 13% of Baby Boomers said the same.
11 Nov 20
Travellers will be required to serve a 14-day stay-home notice.
8 Nov 20
Close to 30% are willing to sacrifice expansion plans to meet loan repayments.
5 Nov 20
One in 10 Singaporeans are looking to book a travel bargain during this season.
4 Nov 20
It edged up 0.2 point to record a 50.5 expansion, its highest since March 2019.
4 Nov 20
Several industries remain positive despite the latest foreboding survey results.
28 Oct 20
Economic recovery observed in Q3 will likely taper off in Q4, due to the lack of a vaccine.
26 Oct 20
And here's the adjustments that you can expect during Phase Three.
26 Oct 20
It is forecast to reach as high as S$1.37/USD in 2021.
23 Oct 20
Inflation is expected to come fall between -0.5% to 0% for 2020.
22 Oct 20
Its geographic location and healthy infrastructure helped mitigate impact.
21 Oct 20
Pre-event COVID-19 testing will be pilot tested.
20 Oct 20
And SG can be 'a more digital, more resilient advanced manufacturing base': DPM Heng.
20 Oct 20
But recent weeks have shown that it is recovering from record-low Q2 activities.
19 Oct 20
This will subside wages of almost two million workers from June-August.
16 Oct 20
Singapore’s recovery momentum may take a slower and choppy pace.
16 Oct 20
Last year’s low base of electronics pushed the gains.
16 Oct 20
The growth in electronic NORX outweighed the decline in non-electronics.
8 Oct 20
It aims to modernise infrastructure assets and increase energy efficiency of operations.
7 Oct 20
The country needs to stay connected globally whilst caring for its workers.
7 Oct 20
This was thanks to newly-acquired assets in Australia.
7 Oct 20
Individuals can choose to make reduced instalment payments for up to nine months.
7 Oct 20
All sectors, excluding construction, saw a decline with trailing payments.
6 Oct 20
Entities can hold general meetings via online until June 2021.
5 Oct 20
The new listing allows investors to improve fund yield without a liquidation strike.
10 Sep 20
And around $40m awarded to 9 farms to increase local food production.
8 Sep 20
And Accelerating Asia programme unveils third cohort of startups.
8 Sep 20
But the financial, manufacturing, and services sectors’ outlooks improved slightly.
7 Sep 20
The economy shrunk faster than expected in Q2.
4 Sep 20
It reflects improvements in the manufacturing and electronics sectors.