18 May 21
Global business leaders also believe this is crucial in running a successful company.
18 May 21
The World Economic Forum will not push through with its August special annual meeting.
17 May 21
However, trade in three key trading partners continued to drag.
17 May 21
Health minister Ong Ye Kung gives three factors that could lead to a new set of enhanced "circuit breaker" social distancing...
10 May 21
The Singapore Business Federation says the country should not completely close its borders to foreign workers.
6 May 21
Small and medium-sized enterprises in healthcare and transport were the strongest performers in OCBC's SME index last quarter.
6 May 21
UOB weighs in on the reimposition of stricter measures as COVID-19 cases increase.
5 May 21
Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said the government will remain vigilant in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
5 May 21
Singapore tightens border measures against more countries and has increased the mandatory quarantine period.
5 May 21
The maximum sizes of business events have also been reduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
4 May 21
STI recorded a 13.2% price gain over the first four months of 2021.
3 May 21
The retail trade and accomodation sectors, however, remain shrouded in negative sentiment.
3 May 21
Household spending has been estimated to have contracted by 13.8% over 2020.
2 May 21
With joblessness rates falling in the first quarter, UOB Global Economics say things are likely to continue improving.
29 Apr 21
At least three in five are tracking expenses on a regular basis.
29 Apr 21
Approximately 4,800 Singaporeans found employment in the first quarter of the year.
28 Apr 21
The 7.6% surge of industrial production in March broke past analyst estimates.
27 Apr 21
Headline inflation hit a 4-year high of 1.3% in March, the highest since May 2017.
26 Apr 21
The shift comes as the deputy prime minister expects a fast-changing and uncertain post-COVID-19 world.
26 Apr 21
Private transportation costs drive inflation past the 1.0% mark in March.
26 Apr 21
The Prime Minister also said Singapore would contribute its share to the climate agenda.
26 Apr 21
The proposed bubble has seen multiple delays since it was first supposed to go ahead in November last year.
25 Apr 21
Sales data for February 2021 showed a growth of 3.5% YoY.
20 Apr 21
The recent global financial crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of cash and financial risk management for all...
19 Apr 21
Overall exports surged by 21%, leading experts to upgrade their Singapore economic forecasts.
18 Apr 21
It has grown 0.2% YoY in Q1 following contractions from three previous quarters.
16 Apr 21
Non-oil domestic exports saw an overall boost from both the electronic and non-electronic sectors.
15 Apr 21
The threat of of COVID-19 variants attacking key trading partners may still weaken recovery, advises Fitch.
14 Apr 21
However, the money supply chiefs are aware that pandemic risks remain.
12 Apr 21
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership needs ratification from nine countries.
8 Apr 21
Joblessness across Singapore fell to 3.0% in February 2021.
7 Apr 21
Negative sentiment is expected to ease across all business sectors over the next six months.
7 Apr 21
The government plans to borrow $90b for infrastructure projects, the highest amount of potential borrowing in three decades.
7 Apr 21
Research finds they lack digital tools required for the current changes in the business landscape.
7 Apr 21
Speaking atthe opening of Digital Realty's new data center, Desmond Lee stressed the importance of environmental sustainability.
6 Apr 21
ITMs progress has been disrupted by the pandemic, and a refreshed direction is needed.
6 Apr 21
It provides guarantee of the widest preferential services market access into the ASEAN region.
5 Apr 21
Concerned parties have met to discuss improvements on management of IP panels.
1 Apr 21
Singapore is set to provide US$20.57m to help the International Monetary Fund's regional assistance programme.
31 Mar 21
Tech startups drew in $5.5b of capital over the past year.