GDP growth to moderate to 3.8% in 2022 

In 2021, GDP growth hit 7.1%.
8 hours ago

GDP growth to moderate to 3.8% in 2022 

In 2021, GDP growth hit 7.1%.
8 hours ago

Multiplier offers global solution to expedite hiring ahead of the imminent talent crunch

Legal, accessibility, and payroll issues are some of the obstacles that the startup addresses. 
8 hours ago

Singapore, China reaffirm commitment to financial supervisory cooperation

The supervisory roundtable was held virtually.
9 hours ago

SG ranks 30th in Social Progress Index 

Its performance improved in two categories.
14 hours ago

Core inflation to rise to 1.8% in 2022

The expected increase will be driven by three factors.
1 day ago

EU, Singapore strengthen digital trade partnership

The two also discussed post-pandemic recovery.
1 day ago

Business optimism index rises to 5.91 percentage points in Q12022

The moderate increase was driven by expansions in five out of six indicators.
1 day ago

Singapore welcomes WTO deal on services domestic regulation

The initiative is expected to improve the operating environment for SG businesses.
3 days ago

Services sector revenue climb 16% YoY in Q3

This was driven by higher business receipts across eight sectors.

GDP growth to slow down to 3-5% in 2022, from 7% in 2021

MTI cited four downside risks that will affect the economy's growth next year.

84% of Singapore-based Indians are investing locally: study

Indians pick property as the most important area to invest in.

MAS’ decision to steepen the S$NEER seen as prescient

This is according to a joint CPI release by MAS and MTI. 

SG-Chongqing financial connectivity brings $4.1b in multi-currency deals

Their financial connection has strengthened over the past year despite the pandemic.

Singapore overall inflation hits 3.2% highest since 2013

This was led by higher private road transport and accommodation costs. 

Tax measures needed to help businesses adapt: Deloitte

This is in order to attract businesses despite the decline in economic activity. 

7 of 10 Singaporeans worried about high cost of living

31% also say that they do not have a financial plan.