17 Sep 19
Export growth is expected to drop 1.2% this year.
17 Sep 19
Electronic exports dropped 25.9%.
16 Sep 19
Only one of the six study indicators recorded an increase, although it remained in the negative zone.
13 Sep 19
It topped 162 countries for its credit market regulations.
12 Sep 19
At least 149,000 homes and 1.1 million hectares of cropland were damaged or destroyed.
6 Sep 19
However, buyout-backed dealmaking slowed to 20 deals worth $400m so far.
4 Sep 19
And insurtech firm Singapore Life joins Railsbank’s $13.87m funding round.
4 Sep 19
Q3 growth is expected to come in at an average of 0.3%.
3 Sep 19
The country’s productivity growth is expected to face headwinds.
3 Sep 19
This will benefit an estimate of 1,000 employers.
3 Sep 19
There is no secret of the tumultuous times in Hong Kong right now.
3 Sep 19
Corporate income tax represented 31% of total revenue.
2 Sep 19
The transition was made given USD LIBOR's likely discontinuation.
30 Aug 19
The Haidilao International founder debuted in the list with a net worth of US$13.8b.
29 Aug 19
It topped the infrastructure safety and personal security subcategories.
27 Aug 19
But the transport and storage services industries continued to grow by 5.6%.
27 Aug 19
Most probably, you have heard the terms "smart city" or "future city", which generally refers to urban centres that rely on...
27 Aug 19
Core inflation eased to 0.8% YoY mainly due to cheaper energy prices.
22 Aug 19
The looming implementation of consumption tax hike will weigh on economic growth.
22 Aug 19
The sector was supported by acquisitions and lower interest rates.
21 Aug 19
The surge was led by the manufacturing sector, which contributed $4.59b.
21 Aug 19
Declining exports weighed heavily on economic growth.
19 Aug 19
The government is also increasing college bursaries by up to 95%.
19 Aug 19
The city ranks as the region's preferred location due to high-speed connectivity and low risk of natural disasters.
16 Aug 19
The move comes after the economy grew by 5.5% in Q2.
16 Aug 19
Both imports and exports continue to fall 6.3% and 5.8%, respectively.
15 Aug 19
Organisations also hailed Singapore as amongst the top governments to partner with.
13 Aug 19
Vietnam’s textile sourcing rose 13% YoY in Q1 2019.
13 Aug 19
Exports to key markets including, ASEAN, UK, EU and South Korea showed positive growth.
13 Aug 19
NODX is expected to fall by up to 9% by end-2019.
13 Aug 19
The economy grew by just 0.1% in Q2.
12 Aug 19
And Singapore is expected to ban domestic elephant ivory trade in 2021.
9 Aug 19
Private consumption and government consumption both slowed down.
8 Aug 19
And the Asia Pacific Exchange registers its first futures trade for high-sulphur fuel oil.
7 Aug 19
Ongoing security concerns may hinder growth, but infra spending could provide support.
6 Aug 19
Household debt as a share of Singapore’s GDP already fell below the 70% mark.
1 Aug 19
An average of $4,910 a month is spent on goods and services.
31 Jul 19
Revenue may also surpass initial projections and grow to $78.92b.
29 Jul 19
The 11th chapter of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2019 Singapore was successfully concluded at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza...