In Focus

23 Oct 20
Inflation is expected to come fall between -0.5% to 0% for 2020.
22 Oct 20
Only 24,000 sqm of new space was completed during the quarter.
22 Oct 20
Its geographic location and healthy infrastructure helped mitigate impact.
20 Oct 20
But recent weeks have shown that it is recovering from record-low Q2 activities.
19 Oct 20
This will subside wages of almost two million workers from June-August.
17 Oct 20
Analysts are bearish about the sector for the rest of 2020 due to weak tourism.
17 Oct 20
Data centre firms have tempered expectations for green energy sources, but opportunities still await.
16 Oct 20
Singapore’s recovery momentum may take a slower and choppy pace.
8 Oct 20
Young couples are driving the demand for resale units.
7 Oct 20
Majority feel that their education is lacking when dealing with the data aspects of their job.
13 Sep 20
More than 50% said that their stress management activities were disrupted.
11 Sep 20
In the middle of a crisis, the sector had to be quick and creative.
10 Sep 20
86% still believe in older rules-based technology for AML compliance.
10 Sep 20
Just over 19.9% of investments in H1 came in deals over $50m.
9 Sep 20
This may indicate that foreigners are exiting prime locations for more affordable housing.
6 Sep 20
Numbers are still down from a year earlier, but at a slower pace than in June.
4 Sep 20
It reflects improvements in the manufacturing and electronics sectors.
2 Sep 20
Live concerts, cinemas and the print industry are the hardest hit by the pandemic.
1 Sep 20
Sabana REIT saw the sector’s highest proportional net institutional inflows.
1 Sep 20
Amongst the units purchased by non-Singaporean buyers so far, half were completed units and half were uncompleted.
27 Aug 20
They are expecting job creation to be slower in H2.
26 Aug 20
Demand for pharmaceutical stocks is expected to remain strong throughout 2020.
24 Aug 20
External pricing and imported food prices will be pressured by global factors.
20 Aug 20
Likewise, foreign wholesale sales dropped 30.4% over the same period.
20 Aug 20
Salaries are also assured to be in line with the industry norm.
18 Aug 20
Analysts believe that it would not be enough to boost the labour market and tourism scene.
17 Aug 20
The government has put more emphasis on job security, extending the Job Support Scheme for seven months.
17 Aug 20
Both electronic and non-electronic exports rose, albeit at a slower pace.
13 Aug 20
About 76% believe that equities under ESG would attract the most interest and in-flows.
12 Aug 20
Two of these top performing ETFs surpassed...
11 Aug 20
Loan moratoriums are set to expire in H2, putting asset and loan quality at risk.
6 Aug 20
Tourist arrivals are unlikely to grow in the coming months.
6 Aug 20
The bank has cast aside $1.26b to bolster its balance sheet.
5 Aug 20
In line with SIPMM’s results, it was the highest figure recorded in five months.
4 Aug 20
Sub-index performances also pointed to an improved external environment.
2 Aug 20
Large awareness of life insurance failed to translate to more coverage.
30 Jul 20
Total loans fell 1% YoY, the first since 2016.
29 Jul 20
Pay cuts and retrenchments could hint to the staff that the company is no longer stable.
29 Jul 20
Retrenchments also jumped in Q2.
27 Jul 20
Further easing may unlikely yield results due to weak external demand and travel restrictions.