In Focus

27 Apr 18
Some stores on the lion city's high street allow for the personalisation of bags, jewellery and even ice cream.
26 Apr 18
Almost all companies (96%) are now ready to reorganise and adapt to flex work in the next two years.
24 Apr 18
It trailed behind South Korea and Germany in terms of automation readiness.
24 Apr 18
Hotels have started using robo-butlers for delivery services whilst the government has deployed AI systems for border security purposes.
22 Apr 18
Retailers are lured by low taxes and expansion opportunities.
19 Apr 18
It was recognised for its "semi-transparent" real estate market.
18 Apr 18
It aims to add 10,000 local home care and 6,200 day care spaces by 2020.
18 Apr 18
Owners of small long-term leasing projects in areas like Killiney, Novena, Newton, and Serangoon are poised to benefit, an analyst says.
17 Apr 18
A 10-year old property priced at $1,800 psf is a good buy, according to one analyst.
15 Apr 18
Businesses need to shed old beliefs on consumers and ramp up the uniqueness of their products and their pricing strategies.
13 Apr 18
But amidst the policy change, it is cautious of the outcome of ongoing global trade tensions.
11 Apr 18
The retail giant is having trouble gaining market share with analysts pointing to its failure to offer a full click-and-mortar experience.
9 Apr 18
For DBS, OCBC, and UOB, nonperforming loan (NPL) ratios tied to the construction sector were 0.2%-0.8% at year-end 2017.
9 Apr 18
Three Singapore-domiciled firms listed in Hong Kong raising a combined U$115m in Q1.
5 Apr 18
Firms handling brands like Johnnie Walker are tapping into more Singaporeans looking for luxury.
4 Apr 18
Small stores cannot keep up with the market giants’ product variety and prices.
3 Apr 18
In Q1 alone, eight sites were sold en bloc for $2.32b, higher than the $1.05b total in 2017.
3 Apr 18
With private home prices jumping 3.1% in February, homebuyers should lock in their purchases before property values rise further.
2 Apr 18
Higher credit card and car loans pushed bank lending up.
28 Mar 18
Overseas revenue growth is fast outpacing total revenue growth at 4.2% vs 1.3% in 2016.
28 Mar 18
Uber EATS will move into GrabFood’s platform soon, and some think foodpanda, honestbee, and Deliveroo should be worried.
26 Mar 18
Analysts believe that being in a monopolistic position, Grab can change fare structures in order to improve profitability.
26 Mar 18
Uber will hold a 27.5% stake in Grab and have its CEO join the latter’s board.
23 Mar 18
Analysts weigh on whether the hype is slowing down soon or not.
21 Mar 18
Analysts said investors can bank on returning foreigner demand, which was seen in 60% of New Futura's sales so far.
21 Mar 18
Companies are coming up with competitive energy packages, but analysts are wary if they can deliver.
19 Mar 18
Investors are “tempted” to invest at lower prices, as yields have inched up by around 50bps to around 6%.
18 Mar 18
Despite seed and series A capital abundance, there’s not much series B and C funding enabling startups to scale up.
15 Mar 18
Developers and property owners are selling their homes with the hopes of scoring a bargain.
14 Mar 18
The worst case scenario spells doom as Singapore could lose $22b in GDP.
13 Mar 18
But with no sign of the LTA back-peddling, this may mean Singapore has hit peak bike share.
12 Mar 18
New Futura's $3,200 psf price benchmark has not been seen since 2013.
11 Mar 18
Recruitment and HR firms noted that they are the least confident when it comes to negotiating for a higher pay.
8 Mar 18
Analysts weigh in on whether the conditions are ripe for a housing bubble or not.
7 Mar 18
The number of half-billionaires in Singapore jumped 25% to 100 in 2017.
6 Mar 18
This gets worse down the workforce as almost all employees have reported getting overwhelmed when analysing data.
6 Mar 18
Analysts think their rig contracts won’t be cancelled as they are in a more advanced stage of completion.
4 Mar 18
Analysts say 95% of households will have incomes around US$25,000 which could prepare them to absorb price hikes.
2 Mar 18
From being the fourth highest paid expats in the world, Singapore expats are now tenth in the rankings.